Meet My New Friend

This is Ken.  We've been spending time together.  I'm crazy about him!  And he's so good for me!

Twelve and a half weeks ago I visited my nurse practitioner who said, "It's time."  Actually, it was way past time.  My weight was up.  So were my cholesterol and my blood sugar.  Even my famous low blood pressure had begun to creep up.  The only thing that was "down" was my bone density.  And that wasn't good.

The antidote to all of these things, of course, is the dreaded diet and exercise combo.

So I grit (gritted?) my teeth, bit the bullet (a fat-free bullet), and joined Weight Watchers.  I was fortunate that my first meeting was with a leader that I liked.  Her story is that she lost 70 pounds and it took her three years.  Probably not typical.  But certainly believable.  And admirable.  Beyond Irene, there's the group.  I tell you, there is a real feeling in this group.  The members really do care about each other and the support is superb.  There's no one trying to dominate. People give serious thought to each others' dilemmas and remember to check the next week.

I've attended twelve weekly meetings so far, and have lost 14.8 pounds.  Not a record-setting loss, but a loss I'm feeling good about.  It isn't just about the scale, either.  I've found it easier to go up stairs.  Today I'm wearing a pair of pants that hadn't fit in quite a while.  My nurse practitioner visit last week showed the blood pressure down a little and follow-up blood studies are scheduled for early July.

This is going to have to be a part of my life for ever, though I hope it doesn't take three years to meet my goal.  So I thought it was time I wrote a little bit about it.  I imagine that some of my readers know what I'm talking about.  This blog isn't going to morph from quilting and thinking to dieting in its main content, though I believe there will be posts on this topic from time to time.

I've not told very many people about this yet.  I guess I've been afraid of failure and humiliation over that failure.  But after last night's meeting, I had the strong feeling that it was time to go public.  Comments on the blog are welcome, as always.  But if you're someone I know IRL, please don't mention it.  I don't know why (and at this point don't care why), but it's not something I can talk about unless I bring it up. 

And now I've got to go.  'Cause I've got a date with Ken.



AnnieO said…
Excellent work so far--you've taken action and that's more than lots of us sitting here saying "I've simply GOT to lose weight and start exercising"!

I love Ken's salad dressings but haven't seen that spray. My favorite is the lite Oriental dressing. It is so flavorful a little goes a long way. I especially like it on vegetables or over rice...
Nancy said…
hmm....sounds familiar. I went to the nurse practitioner last November only to find out I have type2 Diabetes. bummer... I started the diet after a visit to the nutritionist. I have lost 37lbs and feel great... I hope to lose more and will add exercise soon..I just got a Wii for Mothers Day with Yoga! Lucky for me my bone density test was good as I am a klutz...

Good Going... I did weight watchers about 31 years ago. Lost 22lbs then and got pregnant.. stayed away from WW after that! lol

I too didn't tell anyone. Didn't want the diabetes police (aka family) to keep asking "can you have that?".
Moira said…
Excellent work Nancy!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Good for you!! I, too, love Ken but haven't tried the spray.

Wishing you much success and sending you great big hugs of healthy support!
Patty Nordahl said…
I did the WW thing 3 or 4 years ago and like you did not want to discuss. You are doing well and I am sure will be successfull.

I have been a little behind in my blog reading and need to refer to your post of the shopping bag you made. Do you know where you purchased the fabric or the line it comes from? The family is swedish and that would certainly make some great gifts.
Char said…
Congratulations on the weight loss. I have high blood pressure and cholesterol, it's under control now. I got a bicycle for Mother's Day to help with the exercise. Keep up the good work.
LoieJ said…
I also started a new way of eating about mid-Oct 2009. My cholestrol was up, so the doctor wanted me to go on medication. I was reluctant, so I talked to the nurse at the clinic who advises on such things. She gave me some printouts, but when I read them, I wanted to cry. My food choices were already pretty much in the healthy column. My downfall is the between meal snacks, I guess. I'm a bit heavier than I'd like to be ideally, but the body mass index shows I'm not quite "overweight" but close.

But I needed to change what I ate for other health reasons, so I went on the IBS diet, which is to eat lots of soluble fiber foods like bagels and rice and white bread, and much less meat, esp less red meat, plus I have to eat foods with potassium, to supplement all the potassium pills I take.

I'm happy to say that my weight went down 9 pounds, but even better, my cholesterol, LDL, and blood sugar went back to normal levels [actually the high end of normal, but at least they are down.].

Most doctors see patients who don't want to work on healthier habits, but rather, just take pills. Therefore some doctors just pull out the prescription pad right away. But good for those of us who work at being healthier.
Unknown said…
Well done Nancy - as you say your weight loss isn;t going to set the world on fire but it is an excellent steady sustainable loss - keep it up - I should start - maybe I'll join you
Tanya said…
Wow! Congratulations!! I have heard that Weight Watchers is excellent but no such thing in my area. I haven't had a checkup in quite awhile so I would think my everything is up too. Rats. Exercise I do but dislike. Diet I don't but feel guilty. I wish I was in your shoes... or your pants!
Great work, Nancy! Congrats on your 14.8 lbs lost! I went to WW in 2001 and lost 30 lbs...I've managed to keep most of it off, but I make sure that I go back every month for that Lifetime Member weigh in check. It has kept me motivated just knowing I have to get on that scale at WW, not just in my own bathroom. I've learned what I can eat, and although I *cheat* now and then, I get right back on the plan, and it's really worked for me. Don't be surprised when people start noticing your weight's actually kind of nice when others IRL cheer you on too. :-) Keep up the good work!
Lori said…
Woo-Hoo! You are out of the closet and recieving even more support!!
Slow and steady is the best way to lose Nancy, so don't get discouraged. Find something that weighs 15 pounds and pack it around for a few minutes. You'd be surprised how heavy it gets!! 14.8 pounds is ALOT!!
Love ya, keep up the good work.
Micki said…
Good luck with your diet! I am sure that you will be successful!
Ray said…
Congratulations!! I hope you are patting yourself on the back. I think it is very difficult to lose weight and stay on an exercise program.

Go Nancy Go!!!
Miriam said…
Woohoo!! Congratulations Nancy!
The weight loss is great! Even better is that you have taken charge of your health and have stuck with it for 12 weeks!
Nancy I'm thrilled that it's working so well for you. I've been on WW for 10 weeks now and have lost 16 pounds. I'm walking an hour most every day and some days I had an extra half hour in the late afternoon so that's helping get mine off. In addition, after 8 weeks of it my cholesterol dropped from 211 to 178! However, my potassium dropped too and that's not good so I'm having to make myself eat bananas or prunes, etc. to work on that. I feel tons better and some of my pants are too big. :) blessings, marlene
This is great news! Congratualtions on improving your health. I know it's hard, but what you're going to be doing is not dieting, but nutritional changes and healthy eating. As for exercise, I don't know any way to do it that isn't boring as hell. I'm in a water aerobics class (and almost all of us look awful in bathing suits) and it makes me feel good and it's great for me right now and helping with the hip recovery. I'm still glad when it's over. It's rather like hitring oneself over the head with a hammer - it feels so ggod when you stop.
Good on ya, as my Aussie son-in-law would say.
Juliann said…
Nancy - I have been sidelined with an elbow injury and have not done much blog hopping but was happy to land here this morning. Well done on the health front! I am also finding myself in that time of life where the changes are needing to be for the long term so I am learning to live with a new "normal". Be kind to yourself.
Quiltdivajulie said…
I started back to the gym last week after a four year hiatus (lots of reasons - some valid, some not so). I'm sure that my October annual doctor visits will be better because of this.

I wish you well on your journey . . . and the facts that you have more energy and can already feel a difference in the way your clothes fit are awesome. Even more so is how you've found a supportive environment.

Here's to making healthier choices ~ on all fronts.