Learnings from Yesterday

. . . Don't ever write a blog post early in the morning of a difficult meeting I'm dreading.
. . . The "dumbing down" of quilting is a very, very hot topic.
. . . There are people who really do want to copy another quilt, fabric for fabric, piece for piece, and that is okay.  Just because that isn't what I choose, that doesn't make it a bad thing.
. . . A lot of people read my blog.
. . . I need to remember that not really all that long ago, I was a beginning quilter who was afraid of triangles.
. . . Apparently Crow is low in fat and high in protein because my Weight Watcher Weigh-In tonight showed a loss of 2.4 pounds.
. . . I don't want to turn into a quilt snob.  I really don't.
. . . Quilting style and preferences are very personal.
. . . Carrie Nelson is an amazing and gracious lady.  She has a standing invitation to a crow-free dinner any time she is anywhere Near Philadelphia.  Thank you, Carrie, for your thoughtful and generous post.


Pat said…
You, Piecemeal amd Ms. Nelson are 3 very very classy ladies. We are fortunate to have you here in blogland.
*karendianne. said…
You know what Nancy? I think what you had to say was valuable and I know that because I talked with a friend that reads your blog but doesn't necessarily post comments yet. This topic has been a source of hours of chatting like only women can do.

I think it's great that you give voice so often to what so many of us cannot.

It's all fine now and this too shall pass. I just pray very hard that you wont stop being you. That you wont stop sharing what's on your mind. Edit yourself, fine. But only to a small degree. You're an excellent writer so you can work that out but keep your point coming across.

…and you're not a quilt snob! You've been on a roll these past few months making some great quilts. Lets keep that rockin' my friend. Lets keep that rockin'.

“To be nobody but yourself in a world that’s doing its best to make you somebody else, is to fight the hardest battle you are ever going to fight. Never stop fighting.”

- E.E. Cummings
Shelley said…
It's take a big person to admit publicly that they made a mistake. Kudos for your courage to do so. Life is always a learning experience and thank heavens we ALL are human.
Helen said…
WOW! Make that a DOUBLE WOW!!

I think you made a very valid point. Sorry if you got a lot of grief over your point of view. As I stated in my comment on that post, I agree with many of the things you said.

I'm such a wimp (think doormat here) and I try to avoid conflict whenever I can (to the point of my family making fun of me over it from time to time). That being said, we are entitled to our own opinions and the expression of such opinions.

I applaud you for your words and your taking the time to write about it.

Also, wish I could write it as well as *karendianne did, I LOVE what she had to say.
Anonymous said…
Oh I'd sure love to join you and Carrie for that dinner! I really do enjoy your blog and have for sometime, I have to admit to feeling ouched by the post yesterday. But all is well, we all make mistakes its how we handle them that really matters.
Have a great day!
sophie said…
I read the original post--pulled into my feed reader before it was removed--and while I completely understand WHY you took it down, it always makes me a little sad when I see someone express their own opinion on their own blog and then feel compelled to remove their own words for fear it will offend the readers of their blog.

I suppose this is how peer pressure works in the social media age. Like karendianne, I hope that you won't stop being you. You, expressing your opinion, are why I follow your blog.
howdidIgethere said…
Well, as usual, I'm not one of the "popular kids" of quilt-blogland [wink], since I missed entirely (in the post you pulled) where it was that you named names, except for one fabric manufacturing giant.

The post led me to piecemeal's site where I read her thoughts. I took her survey, added a comment and meant to post/discuss on my blog. Haven't got to it yet, but now there's so much MORE to consider!

IOW, I didn't think your post needed to be taken down. You raised some good points, even if they were in the context of a C.O.W.ish "rant". Sometimes it's helpful to see the exactly words to contain future speculation or mis-remembering. (See "Al Gore said he invented the Internet....)

And ITA with karendianne's comments. Keep on being the caring, good, and gracious quilter (and person) that you are!
Blogless me said…
I did not read your original post but I read Carrie's answer since I follow her blog in Google Reader. I could work out some of what was originally said and am very pleased to see that both of you have resolved the potential conflict in a very thoughtful and gracious manner.
That said, I myself am sometimes guilty of speaking my mind in a way that is too forthright for some people. On the other hand, because of my background in informatics and engineering, I am acutely aware of some pitfalls of electronic media, namely the immediacy of spreading the message and the extraordinary escalation of emotions this can cause. Still, I deeply believe that we should all be able to speak out, be heard and be judged on the basis of not only of what we said but on all that we do as well. This creates the context in which statements can be understood better and the potential for offense, or misunderstanding diminishes. Ultimately, we are all (hopefully) reasoning creatures that should be able to distinguish between unfounded banter and a legitimate grievance.
I for one will put your blog in my Google Reader, so as to see for my own what you are like ;-). Well ... and because I saw some quilts you've posted that I like. Take care!
Quiltdivajulie said…
I am very glad that I read and responded to yesterday's post before it was pulled.

I'm glad that two intelligent women (you and Carrie) took the time to post about an issue that is real and needs to be discussed openly (dumbing down annoys many of us in many arenas of life).

Craft v. art, results v. process, low key v. high tech. No clear answers, but conversations and the exchange of ideas help each of us figure out where we fit, how we can grow, and how we can help others.

We are each individuals (not lemmings). Sometimes we do go too far. We acknowledge and apologize. We then move on, hopefully enlightened and more aware (or at least realizing that we are not alone).

Thank you for being who you are and for sharing yourself with us!!!

Alex said…
yes we may be very quiet at times- but we are reading- you may want to see someone who wrote with heart this morning. Nancy there are stories behind the imperfect copycat quilts.Thank you for being so honest.
here is the blog http://sewdollswhosnext.blogspot.com/
H said…
I hope that you are recovering from the hoo-ha...I feel that you are allowed your own opinion on your own blog (and I admire you for expressing it); if people don't like it then they can choose not to read. If we were all the same the world would be bland (and remember that today's news is tomorrow's chip wrapper!) Take care.
Carrie said…
Well, color me totally jealous of your serious mad skillz! How do you make those Keep Calm things?

And maybe I should be eating more crow -- congrats on the 2.4 pounds.

I hope you will continue to speak your mind and vent about some of your frustrations because it really can open up discussions.

Hope your day is a good one. :)
Unknown said…
I'm still more than a bit scared of triangles :)))
Anonymous said…
Guess being a little poor has helped my quilting. I couldn't afford the books, kits or all of the precuts (I like bedsize quilts, and that takes a lot of precuts). So I was forced to be creative and find ways to get the feel of the original without the cost of precuts. I don't think I've made a pattern yet where I haven't made a change in it along the way. PS: I don't usually care for all of the fabrics in a lot of the designer lines anyway. Please don't stop sharing your thoughts.
AnnieO said…
I missed all the excitement but even if I hadn't, it would not have disuaded me from reading your blog daily, or others' blogs with whom I do not always agree. That's what having a public web journal is all about! Thank goodness we are all different yet connected.
Susan said…
As far as being a "quilt snob", I don't think so. I do think you have set some standards for yourself. In particular, I remember one post in the last year in which you declared "no more easy quilts." I had been feeling that I needed to move on from piecing square and rectangles and you gave me the push I needed to be more adventuresome. My piecing skills aren't up to your level yet, but I'm enjoying the journey and the challenge.