O Happy Day!

Much happiness here Near Philadelphia today.

In the wee small hours of this morning I became a great-GREAT-aunt.  A four-and-a-half pound boy was delivered to my great-nephew and his wife after a rather scary two days of elevated blood pressure and worries about pre-eclampsia.  Mother and son are doing well, and everyone else is proud and excited.

In four hours and seven minutes Honna and I will be on the road to White Oak for our twice-a-year adventure in cutting and piecing, wining and dining, laughing and dancing.  Joe and Blackberry will hold down the fort here in our absence.

Second Hand Clothes has become a flimsy and will be off to the machine quilter later this month.

Oh, and the lass on the bed?  That's Magnolia.  I bought her impulsively from a crafts shop in Evanston, Illinois when I was about six months pregnant with Sherry.  I didn't know I was carrying a daughter, of course, but I was hopeful and optimistic, and this doll was about the most wonderful doll I'd ever seen, so I bought her.  Turned out that Sherry was not partial to her, and she has spent many years in the attic until just recently when Caroline took a shine to her.  She needed a bit of foot surgery -- Magnolia, not Caroline -- and now she's fully recovered.  I've never seen a broader smile than hers, so I thought she'd be a perfect illustration for this Happy Day!


Nicole said…
Congratulations on the baby boy! He's a little one! Glad both mom and baby are doing ok.
Have a grand time on your White Oak adventure.
congrats on becoming a great great Aunt.........
Unknown said…
Many congratulations Nancy - and welcome to this wonderful world little chap
Does this mean that your little niece is now a GRANDmother?
Congratulaiopns to all.
Quiltdivajulie said…
She is a wonderful doll, indeed.

ENJOY all the happiness of this day!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to all. Babies are in the air - a close friend became a grandmoter to "little" 4 lb. twin boys also today and we eagerly await our sixth "great" babies are so fun - enjoy and give my love to all. Your CA cuz
Amy said…
Congrats, Great Auntie! Such wonderful news. It was also lovely meeting Magnolia, and seeing some of your lovely quilts being used. (I remember when they were blocks on your blog... )