Not a COW* Today

*Cranky Old Women aren't always cranky.  Every now and again somebody does right by them and makes them smile.

I speak today in praise of Gardener's Supply Company, a mail-order outfit in Essex Junction, Vermont.  In November, I purchased from them a stainless steel countertop compost bucket with biodegradable liner bags.  It was a Christmas gift for Himself.  Who was mightily pleased.  And who has composted with delight for not quite three months.  Who on Friday, when the knob separated itself from the lid, experienced real distress.

And so I phoned this most worthy establishment with the intent of telling them I was about to mail the whole thing, garbage included, back to them.  And possibly to publicly castigate them right here on this blog.  Not to be the case.

First of all, their answering device sports actually a cheerful-sounding person rather than a mechanical voice.  She promises to let the caller speak promptly to a "real, live person."  And she delivers.  With a very brief wait on hold (with happy bird sounds rather than horrible music to pass the time), I was handed over to Christian who checked my info first and reminded me that everything of theirs is 100% guaranteed (I hadn't really been aware of that).  He sympathized with my plight.  And promised to send me a brand new replacement lid.  Today.

Doing enough business with these kinds of companies could put a Cranky Old Woman right out of business!


Barb said…
Nice to hear that there is hope for USA companies to come thru and please the customers! Had to do the new cellphone jig this week, what a nightmare...could turn me into a "cow"...if only the person on the other end would speak that it could be understood! Congrats on your new lid...let us know how it works out! Have a nice weekend, maybe it actually will be nice weather in PA!
Pamela Kieffer said…
Gardener's Supply do have some of the most pleasant persons answering their phones and happy to help you with any problem. We ordered a potato growing barrel from them a few years back that was complete flop, the company sent a refund to all the people who purchased the same, seems they had not quite perfected this product.
suz said…
Vermonters are notoriously nice! It must have something to do with all that fresh air!