Rainbow Dots, Etc.

I've begun hand-quilting the rainbow dots baby quilt and am enjoying the process.  I don't know whether the quilting will show up if you click on the picture or not.  I'm putting a heart medallion in the plain blocks and criss-crossing the lights of the nine patches.  I enjoy hand quilting on smaller projects like this one.

I don't know the gender of this baby; Mom is old-fashioned and wants to be surprised.  I like that.  There are still a couple of months before s/he is born, but I do not like to be quilting against a deadline.  I'd much rather have this finished and waiting for the stork to show up.

I realized today that I have to make a fleeting trip back out to Sauders on Saturday to get more of the white fabric for Justin's quilt now that I've decided to make it bigger.  Pat's going to make the huge sacrifice of riding along with me.  It's an hour each way.  God knows what she'll pick up or whether she'll restrain me from getting more than just the white.

When I went into the living room to photograph the baby quilt, I noticed Bodacious on top of You've Got Mail, apparently trying to turn himself inside-out.

His life hasn't been easy since Blackberry moved in, and he's handling the disturbance with a minimum of grace.  Bless his heart.


Char said…
You'll probably find lots of deals since the quilt show's in town.
Happy shopping.
Salem Stitcher said…
Don't you just love how they curl up into a ball like that? I'm looking at Shelby doing the same thing. Bodacious is a good quilt tester; I can tell.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Terrific quilts going on at your place, sorry to read about your forced shopping trip... gee, darn. Quilts and pets... the perfect pairing, and always the best photos.
Pat said…
Bodacious is in croissant position. I'm sure he learned that in Feline Yoga class. It's a step up from meatloaf.

I'm a sucker for dots. Just love the plain brights against that dotty background.
Quiltdivajulie said…
Great colors in that baby quilt! Very special gift to be treasured (I hope).
howdidIgethere said…
Don't count on Pat to restrain you. I've found she falls more into the category of "enabler" (though I have met worse, I admit).

Wish I could go along... a fun trip with a couple of great gals!

WV: anchma -- a condition related to asthma, causing shortness of breath when in the presence of ants

p.s. Pat -- thanks for the explanation of the cat yoga positions. My two often do the stereo version of the croissant, AKA synchronized sleeping.
Gari in AL said…
I think that if you are driving all that far you should not have to show restraint. :-)
Murr Brewster said…
Hey, I'm starting a baby quilt now too. All dots: tumbling blocks in dots. I must really love this not-yet-a-child to do a tumbling blocks quilt again. I'll have to see how he turns out before I commit to doing one bigger than a baby quilt. If he's only okay, he'll have to settle for a bearpaw or something.