Tuesday's Tidings

My friend blogless Sharon has come to visit for a few days.  She's been serving a congregation in Vermont and recently was called to one in Massachusetts.  With two weeks off to be unaccounted for, she chose to spend a few days with us.  And it's been lovely.  Sharon is really the only person from seminary that I'm still in much touch with.  It's nice to talk theology, to gossip a bit about former classmates, catch up on family; you know, those kinds of things.  And besides, she's a quilter.  While she's been in our company these three days, she's completed the binding (a task she finds odious) on this amazing quilt she made for her daughter.  Without a pattern.  Click to make it bigger.  You won't be sorry!

I so appreciate the kind words and wishes vis-a-vis Bo.  There's been no sighting of him, but the cat food we set out continues to get eaten.  And a recently shredded bird was found in the back yard -- this has not happened before.

For someone who's chief occupation for six or so years has been sleeping on comfy chairs and quilts, he's not doing much of that right now.  Perhaps he's decided to become an outdoorsy sort of guy.  I keep telling myself that as long as we don't find him in the street, he's someplace doing what he wants to do.

And, yes, we have looked everywhere.


*karendianne. said…
Elephants and fabric colorful and square in square - oh my! I love this combo. Thinking good thoughts in hopeful hopes of Bo.
Nancy said…
wow...without a pattern? What a quilt... How lovely to have a friend stay and stitch..
Pat said…
Sharon does great work! I'm so glad you have had time to be together. Sounds like Bo is in the midst of a bout of Spring Fever, with a touch of nose-out-of-jointness on the side. I've instructed Junior to keep his paws crossed for Bo's safe return.
Lori said…
How fun to visit wiht a long time friend. Love the quilt she was working on!
So sorry about Bo. I hope h'es the mischevious one outdoors.
Our Toff went away for about two days, after an unvoluntarily swim. She must have been embarrassed to come home all wet...
Already twenty yrs ago, Puss did make home after three weeks, but was not successfull in finding something to drink all along the road, he was the only cat I had to take to the vet to put asleep...
If food is eaten, and water is drunk, you might almost bet that Bo is around.
The quilt you show is fabulous! Be well,
from a sunny Amsterdam, Irene
Deb said…
Hope that Bo returns soon! It's hard to be without your pets. That quilt is STUNNING! Love the elephants and the color combo.
Oh, I hope Bo turns up very soon. Perfaps he, too, has received a call. I've always wondered how Protestant ministers get calls."Hey, you! Get on over to Camden ASAP!" In my former church the bishop moves the priests around. And we all know where that leads, don't we?
But seriously, I hope Bo is home by now. He's such a handsome cat.