Friday, October 24, 2008

Keep Those Hands Warm!

Last weekend when we were on our quilt retreat, somehow the conversation turned to making blocks with appliqued mittens. And swapping the blocks. It sounded delightful.

In my alleged spare time, I run a small quilt block-or-fabric swap list, and I posted this proposed swap there soon after coming home. There haven't been a lot of takers so I thought it might be interesting to cast a wider net.

In general, we are talking about 6 blocks to a set, 9 inch finished, cream background, and mittens in your favorite mitteny colors. Applique techniques would include regular applique, needleturn applique, machine buttonhole stitch, hand buttonhole stitch, whichever is your preference.

If this is something that even vaguely interests you, leave me a comment and make sure I can email you back, and I'll send you the complete set of guidelines. If you don't give me your email address, we can't go further with this!

Meanwhile, keep those hands warm!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I'm interested!

Living on the Spit said...

Definitely interested!! Please include me.


Pati said...

I'm interested!!!

Shirley, in PA said...

I'm interested too. Shirley, in PA

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Can I leave a comment even if I'm not interested because I don't know how to applique? I thought I'd just be pesky because I can be. But really I'd be "all in" if I were an applique person.

Knitting Auntie (aka Sharon) said...

i have never done a quilt block swap - sounds like fun...and so i guess that means i'm interested..and applique is pretty easy to anyone who has not tried.

Sharon said...

I'm interested, but I don't know if this is something I can get to before Christmas. But after Christmas, I would love to do this.Email me at quiltingmama20 at stny dot rr dot com.

creativedawn said...

I'm interested.... I am Pam at

Dana said...

I love mittens, they warm my heart as well as my hands. I wanna play, Iwanna, Iwanna play!!!
(or if you prefer)
What a sweet Winter block. Not all Christmasy or fussy. I'm most assuredly interested in participating.
Dana, reach me at: