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We'd read the book years ago, after our friend No Blog Nita recommended it. We loved it. We recommended it to everyone we knew. We read it again. And yet it never occurred to us that someone would make it into a movie.

When we heard that someone had, we were a little bit nervous. Would they do it right? What would they compromise? What would they butcher?

Last night my sister Bonnie and I went to see "The Secret Life of Bees." We laughed. We cried. We gasped. We loved it. I said to her at the end, "If you didn't think it was perfect, please don't tell me." She said, "I thought it was perfect."

See it. See it with your sister, if you have one. If not, go with your girlfriend. It's perfect.


Anya said…
That book is one of my favorites. I'm always leary of going to see a movie based on a favorite book...I worry that it will disappoint. Glad to hear that this one doesn't.
Anya said…
Oops, I spelled "leery" wrong.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
One of my very favorite books, too. Maybe that's why I'm afraid to go and see the movie... you know how that usually goes. I value your recommendation, maybe I should just go and hope I'm wrong about how they always mess it up when they bring it to the big screen.
I will see it tonight with my Lutheran Ladies Night Out group. I loved the book so I'm glad to hear you weren't disappointed by the movie. I'm really looking forward to it now.
suz said…
I'm so glad to hear you loved the movie. I think that is one of my favorite books and I agree with the other ladies, I was nervous about seeing it - didn't want to spoil the book - even though I adore Queen Latifa. I can't wait to see it now.
Evening update: I loved the movie! I laughed and cried and felt all the emotions in between. My gosh, I just wanted to wrap Dakota Fanning up and bring her home with me. She was so believable. There were a few pieces of the story I missed, like the journey from her home to Miss August's because that was such an interesting part of the book, but I realize that the entire novel wouldn't fit into two hours on the screen. I was not disappointed!
Unknown said…
I loved the book too and can not wait to see the movie.