Senator McCain: You've Got Mail!

My buddy Chez posted this link late yesterday. When I followed it, I was immediately struck by the contrast in the tone of voice used by the correspondents. And I thought further about the fact that one of these two writers will be the person representing this country in correspondence with other world leaders.

I thought back to one of our favorite lines from the 1969 film, "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie," where -- speaking of the chemistry teacher -- Miss Brodie observes, "She has the power to destroy us all."

While I'm admittedly biased, it wasn't difficult to determine which of these two Senators I'd like to see as President writing to a peer who "has the power to destroy us all."

Since, like many of you, I was raised to believe there are [at least] two sides to every story, I decided to write to Senator McCain to hear what he has to say about the letters.

Dear Senator McCain,

Someone referred me to this website:

Please let me know if this correspondence actually occurred or if this is something that has been fabricated. A prompt email reply would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely yours, Nancy [Near Philadelphia]

You may want to write him yourself and, if so, here's how.

Or you can just wait and see if he gets back to me. Be assured that I'll share his response. If any.


LoieJ said…
Since he doesn't do email or the 'net...........

I received a flyer in the mail from some kind of Republican committee regarding electing congressmen. It was nasty, as are their ads on TV. I went on line to their site in hopes of posting a protest to their demeaning ads, but there wasn't a single place on the site to reply unless you send some money. Akkkk.
Unknown said…
I am gobsmacked. My jaw is on my keyboard. a playground bully, that's what i'm reading. someone like this thinks he can be leader of the free world?
Thank you for the link. My initial reaction was "What a swaggering snot!" Come to think of it, that is still my reaction. Can you imagine this kind of posturing in the face of any kind of diplomacy?
*karendianne. said…
Love your post, Nancy! I'd like to know if you hear back from his office. Excellent point you make.
Unknown said…
I look forward to hearing what his reply is, if any. Great post though.
Was is Mark Twain who responded to a letter similar to McCain's by writing (and I don't remember the exact words)?fplqpe: Sir, I think you should know that some scoundrel has written a most impudent (or obnoxious) letter to me and signed it with your name. I think you should find out who this person is and reprimand him.
I"ve always liked that and would love to be able to use it myself when receiving ridiculous anti liberal Emails.
Unknown said…
Hi Nancy.....
I read the letters and one does have to wonder what these people really do in Washington...being an insect in the chambers would do me a world of 52 and after following politics since I could understand what was going on and what I read, I am admitedly a little paranoid....kinda adhere to the old adage... none of what I hear and half of what I see! So I'm extremely sceptical of all the politicians....cuz, the word politician is a polite word for "liar" (IMHO) ....and still I will be at the polls voting! have never missed the vote and will not miss....Oh, I will be back here checking to see if you get an answer!!!
Hilary Clinton admirer!
Laurie said…
Hi, Nancy! I have been away from your blog for far too long! Thanks for linking to this letter. I wake up every morning with an ache in my stomach hoping the US voters will do the right thing. Even with the current polls I am trying not to get my hopes up given what happened in 2000 and 2004.

But I am anyway.