Go Here. Read This.

Go here. Read this.


Could you hear me screaming at my computer monitor?!! Promoting birth control in poor countries only makes sense! What are these boobs thinking? Another 4 years of this, Nancy? Heaven help us...we need a change, a huge change. We need some common sense in Washington and someone not afraid to do the right thing.
I have wanted to write an open letter to all those people who voted for Bush because of his "pro-life" policies. Tens of thousands of the already born dead from his wars in the middle east. Hundreds of thousands of already born children ill-housed, ill-fed in this country alone. Hundreds of thousands of hard working people with no health care.
Our local papers have had a few letters, mostly from men, urging voters to choose McCain because he is "pro-life", too. The tragedy of those women in Africa and other parts of the world doesn't seem to have any importance to the "pro-life" advocates.
*karendianne. said…
I find it extremely difficult to comment with words that don't get us flagged by google for objectional content.
Ms. Jan said…
I agree with Karendianne and Suzan. Can you hear me screaming from California?
floribunda said…
Unfortunately I think the new model for "family values" is that "17 and growing" family that has become a TV phenomenon. (17 kids, homeschooled, all with names starting with "j", and mom is preggers again -- at this point, I think all their income is from the tv show!) Yikes!
suz said…
Thank you for sharing this. Every day for 8 years I've figured it couldn't possibly get worse...and yet this current administration continues to outdo itself. How anyone can be on the fence at this point in this election is beyond me. Abe Lincoln must be turning in his grave. If I were a Republican, I'd be hanging my head in shame (I'm an Independent). There are no words, but there are tears. I'm beginning to feel numb from all the ignorant behavior of this administration - I'm holding on by my fingertips. SuzK