God Bless Jailly

Many of you wonderful readers have taken to heart the plight of my friend's daughter, the one I wrote about here. Her course has taken twists and turns, with fears raised and fears laid down. At this point, Caeli has been suspended from the liver transplant waiting list while some other studies are done and results received. She's holding her own, eating well, and walking the halls of the hospital and receiving visits from her abundance of friends and family.

She's also been the subject of prayers -- prayers from my Circle at church, my blog readers in various countries, and my cousin's entire congregation somewhere in California.

Early this week, one night when Sherry was putting Sam to bed, at the end of the prayers, after God Bless Mommy, et al., she added, "and God bless Caeli, Grandmom's friend who is sick in the hospital." They did this for a couple of nights.

Last night she was tired and kept the prayers short, but at the end Sam said, "And Jailly." Sherry missed a beat, unclear, and said, "Who?" And Sam said, "Jailly. Grandmom's friend who is sick in the hospital."

So, my friend, know that the prayers continue from near and far, from old and from very, very young.

God Bless Jailly.

And God Bless Jailly's mom.


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
...and a little child shall lead them... God bless Jailly, and Sam.
*karendianne. said…
Oh my. This is so sweet. Thanks for sharing my friend, thank you.