Some of Why "Life Is Good"

I've been posting so many sad stories lately that I've really needed Mrs. Goodneedle's regular reminder that "Life Is Good!" Today I'm taking some time to focus on some good things.

First is this terrific book that came in yesterday's mail. My order from Amazon had come, bringing not just this book but one I'd ordered as a gift for someone. If the recipient gets half the enjoyment out of it that I've had already from mine, it was a good purchase. I did manage to discipline myself not to open the parcel until the stew was in the oven to simmer for an hour.

The book is delicious (and so was the stew, BTW), and took me back in time to several years ago when Kaffe was in town. His sidekick, Liza Prior Lucy, lives not very far from Near Philadelphia, and when he was visiting her to work on one of their books, she arranged a quick class for people she knew up at the LQS. I started my first "Gridlock" quilt that day under his and her supervision. Have made a total of three of them since that day and have yet another stirring in my brain.

One of the middle school teachers gave birth to her third child yesterday. She already has Ruby and Henry and I was curious to see what this baby's name would be. Turns out, the baby is a dear little girl and the name is Violet Angeline.

Isn't that just terrific!

As is our custom, I phoned the flower shop to arrange for something to be sent to their home on Saturday. The vendor is a school family who does exquisite arrangements. As soon as she heard the baby's name, Anne told me she had a beautiful basket with African violets that she would send.

Ruby, Henry, and Violet. Lovely names. Unusual but not to the point of being weird. I totally approve.

The very best news I have to share is that Caeli came home from the hospital on Monday afternoon. Not only that, but the vocal cord biopsy was negative and the lung infection is cleared.

My young friend should be back on the transplant list momentarily. And then it is just a matter of waiting for that beeper to beep.

Meanwhile, I need to find out what a liver-friendly diet includes (they say it is extremely limited) so I can take a meal over. And have a little visit.

And then there was the debate. Not very exciting. Not very interesting, really. No surprises.

Both candidates did look presidential. I couldn't help thinking how much better they both would have done with that last question -- the one about what they don't know and how they'd go about finding out -- if it had been on a take-home exam. A great question, don't you think? Too bad they had only seconds to respond.

I'll be happy when the election is over, actually.

Oh, and no, I haven't heard back from John McCain or his staff in response to my email of last week. Guess they're busy.

One more happy thing, one that I don't have a picture of. Yet. Tonight is my monthly hand-sewing get-together. And there is going to be a wonderful surprise for one of those present. I'll try to get a pic to post tomorrow.


*karendianne. said…
What a great post. Nancy, I just absolutely LOVE your Blog. On the good days and the not so good days. All the days. Every day.

Daily Love, *karendianne./ Living Life at LeeHaven
Unknown said…
I too love visiting you blog whether on a good day or a bad one...please tell about your hand sewing get together...I'd love to hear about it.
alobsiger said…
I also enjoy your posts on any day. I'm sorry there has been sadness of late. I got a serious laugh from your That One sticker. ha! About 10 minutes in, I thought I wasn't going to be able to watch the fingerpointing, but I muscled through. Take care!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Lots to be thankful for, that's what makes Life so GOOD!
Gretchen said…
So glad to hear some things are going well for you. Sending hugs from the ATL. I love the name Violet a great old-fashioned name. I may have to check out that Kaffe book--the cover quilt is a beauty.