Yellow Dilemma

I'd heard about yellow early in my quilting experience.

"Yellow is tricky," someone said.

"Be really careful with yellow," said another.

But a third said, "I think every quilt should have at least a little bit of yellow in it."

These baskets have been up on my wall for more than a week now. Prolly more than two weeks. And I've looked at them a lot. I do love them. This may be one quilt I never finish simply because I love having them up on the wall.

But that yellow. It reminds me of a crayon from the old 64-set when I was knee-high to a whatever; it was called chromium yellow. A pull-no-punches yellow. An in-your-face yellow before we knew the expression.

And here it is hanging on my wall in three of my precious blocks. Part of me thinks I should take the yellows out and replace them with something less sensational. Another part thinks it is just splendid where it is.

What do you think?


lj_cox said…
Since you asked.. ;)

Swap block B2 (second column second row) with block B3 (second column third row) to space out the yellow a bit more and separate the two purple and gray-teal blocks, and enjoy the glow. I think the yellow warms up the whole quilt.
alobsiger said…
Well, I actually LOVE the yellow and was wondering if you could add one more block with yellow. :-) One more might balance it out...or swapping like lj said might solve it too. I agree that the yellow has a nice glow. I adore the other colors you have too.
floribunda said…
yes, yellow! my friends tease me about using some form of yellow as sashing a lot of the time. If Freddy Moran said "red is a neutral", I guess I'd say "yellow is a neutral" -- although I almost never wear it.
*karendianne. said…
For me, if they bother me at first glance (maybe 2nd) they'll have to go. If they get in my head, they'll have to go. But personally, I dig the yellow. It makes me happy in the mix.

If you pull 'em down it'll be an entirely different quilty experience which is dandy, too, but just sayin'.

*karendianne./Living Life at LeeHaven
I like the yellow. I cant describe it well enough, other than it gives it a happy tone. Perhaps some small bits of yellows in the border ?
I really love your baskets.
Salem Stitcher said…
I love the yellow. I agree with lj cox though regarding switching the blocks in the second column. The colors are wonderful!
Jeanne said…
I love the yellow in the baskets. I might switch the yellow in the first row the bottom left corner.
Hedgehog said…
I love the yellow. :) I like the idea of including some yellow in every project - I might need to start to subscribe to that theory!
Unknown said…
No you always need a little YELLOW!!!!!!! in your life - what else do you think makes you appreciate all the more subtle colours - my daughter has a pair of rugby shorts in just the same shade - they always raise a laugh or should that be an eyebrow or two? :o)))
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
The yellow is life giving~ I'd leave it in, it adds interest and spark to the rest of the composition. It's great.
Melissa B. said…
Hey, I think they're gorgeous. I should introduce you to my SIL, who's a quilter, too! BTW, I'm featuring your recent "Greek" post at my place today. I found you thru Chez. Thanks!
Leave the yellow in, but swap it like lj said. That one move helps the eye flow better over the design.
Gretchen said…
I like the yellow--it adds pizazz to the quilt and makes the quilt "pop". I've had reservations adding unexpected colors to quilts but have always loved the result. Just go with it!