Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Conzmis, bncaf, and iprqec

Well of course you recognize the image to the left. It's a collection of Word Verifications from Blogger.

I used to find them annoying. Then one day I became amused by one of them. I think it was the time that the word verification for a post on a deeply spiritual friend's blog was "sheol." I mentioned it to her and we had a good laugh.

Then I started inventing definitions for some of the word verifications that come up. And providing them with my comments that I leave. Not all of the words lend themselves to this practice. But some do. And I'm having a good time with that. It's much better than being annoyed. Give it a try. Or a splavu. Whatever.

Yours for bzyofgs and xqhbu,


Guenveur in Kent said...

I gotta tell you these word ID things are hell on a person with macular degenration.

PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

Funny. Well, they annoy me when I can't get them typed properly. About a year ago, I couldn't get them to OK what I typed for about 3 tries for each blog comment I did. I started thinking, "It can't be me, it must be the computer or web." BTW, now I have to type


to get this to post. Maybe that means sections of a deck.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

This was the funniest one I've seen lately: "bigones".


Lorraine said...

I loved your comment on my blog - something to do with mice in barns??? I often find real words in the word verification so I am sure making up words to suit is a great pastime......i have trouble with them sometimes..not blogger so much as typepad's because I am always in a hurry and don't stop to look properly! well that's my excuse!!

PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

I've been paying more attention since you posted...some of these words are suspect...almost verging on "blue" words. OK, now I have to ratinge before I can post this.

Nicole said...

I had turned the word verification off for my blog because I found them annoying too. Then all of a sudden one day I had 92 spam comments that were porn! The word verification went back on and I haven't had any more problems.

Anonymous said...

First i had no word id on my blog; then I got commercial comments :(
I hate the word id's you can hardly read and have to try 4 times before you get them right. But I agree, sometimes they are funny.

Mine is "vancer"

Anonymous said...

I write down the easy to remember ones and use them when I change my passwords at the bank and cc every month. =)

The one on this comment is vibransa. I think that describes a female who is warm and perky and gives all her friends a glow whenever she speaks with them. =)

The Calico Cat said...

I find myself trying to read them!