Something Quilty for a Change

No, I haven't given up quilting! It's been a while, though, since the topic has been blogged. Since a couple of days before Christmas, I've been working on a very simple quilt out of Gatsby fabrics, and tonight I put the borders on. I'm going to contact the local machine quilter and get an appointment. The quilt, picture to follow at some point (the weather Near Philadelphia these days, frankly, is not conducive to putting up the clothesline for a good photo) has a WOW lattice that looks for all the world like miniature stippling, so I'm going to ask Sue to stipple quilt it. A first flimsy finish of the new year!

The block here is part of a group project. I love the block, but I surely do not want to make another! There are 36 pieces in it. I've made blocks with more pieces more easily than this one went together. It's called Carolyn's Star from Quilter's Cache and for some reason, the directions were awfully hard for me to follow. Perhaps it was because I was working on it too close to bedtime.

Now, what do we have here? A picture of a couple of people I know up at the kitchen counter playing with bubbles and soapsuds a couple of days after Christmas.

Sam has his grandfather's trait of sticking his tongue out when he's concentrating. And Caroline, well, for her it was all joy, and no pun intended!


*karendianne. said…
Love the block. My father has that habit of sticking his tongue out when he's working, concentrating or putting forth a great deal of effort. I don't think I got that one handed down.
Unknown said…
My father, my younger daughter and I all do that sticky out tongue thing when we're concentrating - all the best people do you know :o)))))
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Precious children... oh, those eyelashes! They're gorgeous, Nancy. Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
Hello Nancy, I'm just now catching up with your blog, so my comment is about a topic from a number of days ago... Should you wish to learn a bit more about Asperger's syndrome an -excellent- book is: "look me in the eye" (and no, there are no capital letters in the title) by John Elder Robinson. He was completely unaware that there was a name/diagnosis for the difficulties he faced until he reached the age of 40. Through a lot of hard work he has made many, many adjustments and now relates much better with the world, however, he -still- cannot recall his wife's name and therefore refers to her as Unit Two.... And by the way, the verification on this one is "gullivi" perhaps plural baby gullies?
quiltmom anna said…
I love the Carolyn star block- it really is interesting looking- it promises to be a very beautiful quilt.
Both my son and my husband chew on their tongues when they are concentrating- I am not sure how it helps but it does seem to for them.
What a nice bag that you made for your friend - there are so many lovely bag patterns out there to choose from these days.

Hope you have a great week.
Tanya said…
Oh dear! I was thinking I'd like to do that block as a whole quilt... Is it too hard? It is very striking when all made though isn't it! Maybe I should try just one... Good job!