Conzmis, bncaf, and iprqec

Well of course you recognize the image to the left. It's a collection of Word Verifications from Blogger.

I used to find them annoying. Then one day I became amused by one of them. I think it was the time that the word verification for a post on a deeply spiritual friend's blog was "sheol." I mentioned it to her and we had a good laugh.

Then I started inventing definitions for some of the word verifications that come up. And providing them with my comments that I leave. Not all of the words lend themselves to this practice. But some do. And I'm having a good time with that. It's much better than being annoyed. Give it a try. Or a splavu. Whatever.

Yours for bzyofgs and xqhbu,


I gotta tell you these word ID things are hell on a person with macular degenration.
LoieJ said…
Funny. Well, they annoy me when I can't get them typed properly. About a year ago, I couldn't get them to OK what I typed for about 3 tries for each blog comment I did. I started thinking, "It can't be me, it must be the computer or web." BTW, now I have to type


to get this to post. Maybe that means sections of a deck.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
This was the funniest one I've seen lately: "bigones".

Lorraine said…
I loved your comment on my blog - something to do with mice in barns??? I often find real words in the word verification so I am sure making up words to suit is a great pastime......i have trouble with them sometimes..not blogger so much as typepad's because I am always in a hurry and don't stop to look properly! well that's my excuse!!
LoieJ said…
I've been paying more attention since you posted...some of these words are suspect...almost verging on "blue" words. OK, now I have to ratinge before I can post this.
Nicole said…
I had turned the word verification off for my blog because I found them annoying too. Then all of a sudden one day I had 92 spam comments that were porn! The word verification went back on and I haven't had any more problems.
Anonymous said…
First i had no word id on my blog; then I got commercial comments :(
I hate the word id's you can hardly read and have to try 4 times before you get them right. But I agree, sometimes they are funny.

Mine is "vancer"
Anonymous said…
I write down the easy to remember ones and use them when I change my passwords at the bank and cc every month. =)

The one on this comment is vibransa. I think that describes a female who is warm and perky and gives all her friends a glow whenever she speaks with them. =)
The Calico Cat said…
I find myself trying to read them!