Bag Lady

I had such a good time making the bag for Cupcake yesterday. I was eager to make another bag.

I had tractor fabric and coordinating yellow left over from the time I made Sam a pillowcase and thought today that it might be nice for him to have a little bag to carry to and from the library to hold his books.

So tonight after dinner I made one. No pattern. Just used the same technique as Cupcake's bag, but on a smaller scale. Again, I used light batting in place of Pellon interfacing.

A friend had asked me to make a bag for a friend of hers who uses a walker. I said I would, but kept putting it off because I'd never done anything like that. Well, now I have. So there's no more postponing.


Anonymous said…
Too cute! Love the tractor fabric!

Kathy B

PS gempyel - the way I walk :-))
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
He'll just love it! Well done, G'mum.
Melody said…
Very nice bag. Good job. Can't wait to see the next one.
ooh, does this mean.....? Lovely! I'd love to see Sam carrying his bag into the library. The big boy!
Phyllis said…
Hi Nancy,

I just discovered your blog. I love the bags you've been making. Do you have a pattern to go by or are they your own design?

Nice to meet you!