The Bag Lady Strikes Again

Tonight I made another bag, this one out of left-over Gatsby fabric. I made this bag 5/8 the size of the Cupcake bag, because I wanted it to be used for stopping at the grocery store for just a few things.

Instead of the strips insert, I tried making three 4.5" Churn Dash blocks and stitching them together. That was not as effective as I had it in my mind's eye; if I do this kind of thing again, I think I need more contrast. I do like that Gatsby stuff, though, even if it is not my usual kind of thing.

Again, I used batting instead of Pellon and I really like the feel of the bag.

I got out the instructions for the walker bag tonight. It calls for fabric and lining and no stabilizer whatsoever, not even the Pellon. I can't imagine it will do a very good job or hold very much if it is just two layers of cotton fabric. I think when I do get started on it, I'm going to insert batting to strengthen it. Have you ever made one of these?

And, by the way, I've been using spray baste to affix the batt to the bag proper and it's great! And one more thing: Take a look at Bodacious huddled on the stool behind the bag. Not at all his normal spot for a snooze.


Karen said…
Once you start making bags, it's kind of hard to stop!

Love this one.
Anonymous said…
I have made a walker bag-for my Mom. She's had it a while and stuffs the pockets. I made it using decorator weight fabric. I would definately use something to add a bit more stabilty to quilt weight cotton fabric- probably a fairly heavy weight interfacing. One thing you might want to add to your walker bag is a closure for the pocket if it gets folded and put in a car trunk.
Lois, also a Lutheran near Phil.
Love the bags, they all look great. Bodacious must like the colors, I love the fabrics on this bag.
LoieJ said…
I've made lots of bags for walkers, A few for my mom and a bunch for the local nursing home. I'll send you a link. I used a layer of fleece in a couple of them, but then I discovered that using cheap fabric, you know, the kind that has so much sizing that it is stiff and doesn't even change when it is washed, was easier and much cheaper then using the fleece. I got 18 yards of cheap fabric at JoAnn's Fab. for $22 and made a bunch of walker and wheelchair bags. Trying to add a link walkerbag
Anonymous said…
I had to use a walker for a couple of weeks, and wound up tying on a basket, just to hold my coffee cup from the kitchen to the recliner chair, LOL. I wished for a bag, one that had some tabs that would keep it from swinging back and forth as I moved around. That might be difficult unless you know the width measurement of a particular walker - I have no clue if that is a standard metric or not. Love your series of shopping bags, and the fleece instead of pellon was a great idea.

Liz in Central CT.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
It's going to come in very handy, I can already tell. Bo knows how to grab a photo op!
julieQ said…
Love your new shopping bag! Just the right size for a little run to the store. I have only made ones out of pre-quilted fabric, which I love and they have a huge variety at the shop near me.
Lynn E said…
If that was my cat she would have been inside the bag. I have to hang my bags up high