Snow Day 2009

Now please don't tell Marlene, but I got my snow day today! I just know she's going to take it very hard. I'd woken about five o'clock and looked outside. There was still something coming down, but I could see the street in front of the house and it had been traveled safely. I thought the situation was hopeless and went back to bed. Twenty minutes later the phone rang, and it was not a two-hour-delayed-opening but a full-fledged snow day!

I've thoroughly enjoyed it in a very low-key way. Spent much of the morning on the Sentimental Journey Baby Girl Quilt (gonna need a shorter, easier name soon) and am really very pleased with how it has turned out. It is about 48 inches square. Am thinking of hand-quilting it, although it may end up being tied. It's, I think, what "they" call a blended quilt but to me it's a "blurry" quilt. You can click it to enlarge and see the blur more closely!

After lunch, I swapped out the blocks from the mitten swap. It took longer than I had expected (it always does) and at a couple of points I was short a block, but in the end it all worked out.

The mittens that people made are just terrific. Some are pairs and some are lost single mittens.

It's time for Mrs. I Don't Make Wall Hangings to make a seasonal wall hanging for her office wall. Each block was accompanied by a 2.5" strip of fabric that we can use for framing or bordering or just tossing in our strip piles. Again, you can click to enlarge and see the detail people put into their blocks.

I'm ready to get going on this one next!

Yours for warm hands and warm hearts,


Gretchen said…
Oh Hapyy Snow Day!!! I am so jealous but maybe not as much as Marlene who will be crushed LOL! I like the "blurry" quilt--perfect for a baby girl and the mitten wallhanging is darling. Enjoy the rest of your snow day.
Unknown said…

I am glad you got your snow day though even though al I got was crappy wasted snow in the form of rain...we have another maybe shot this Friday...I am determined and you can't blame me for trying!!!

I love the blurry quilt...LOL, it is really beautiful.

I wish I had not been laid off so I could have particiapted in the mitten blocks, but maybe on the next one whenever that is...I am sure you might need a little break.

Enjoy the rest of your snow day!

Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Happy Snow Day!! The mittens look wonderful.
Barb said…
Hey Nancy ~ me too! A snow day for our schools also YaaaaaHoooooo and I put it too good use! I puttered at things...but it was much needed puttering! Tonight the winds are howling and the roads are icey... hmmmm I wonder about school for tomorrow! Your quilts are sweet...blur and all :>)!
Lorraine said…
happy snow day! As my son went off to teach school today with the mercury tipped to reach 113F again today I was wondering if schools should have "heat" days...getting to school isn't the problem it is trying to keep everyone focused and inside the was like walking into an oven when I left work yesterday....hopefully some cooler weather on the horizon for next week....and a safe trip to school tomorrow for you!

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quiltmom anna said…
HI Nancy,
I am a bit envious of your snow day because we don't have snow days here- even though we have lots of snow- I think we had one week in about 1989 where it was too cold for the school buses to run that we didn't have kids but still had to go to work- some of our schools out of the city would have snow days just not in the city.
It sounds like you had a great productive snow day.. Hope that the snow doesn't cause you too many difficulties..
Tanya said…
How nice! Snow is wonderful for quilters especially if they don't have to go anywhere! In my case I don't go whether I have to or not. I do not drive in snow! Unfortunatley global warming has decreased the number of snow days in our part of the world... Of course if it snowed I'd probably be complaining of having to shovel it...
Laurie said…
It's snowed here twice since our big snow blowout in December. They usually cancel school at the first flake here, but since they canceled school for three days back then (days which have to be made up) it will be a cold day in Hades before they cancel again thsi year.

I love snow days, and I'm not even involved with the schools! Hope yours was wonderful.
*karendianne. said…
This baby quilt swept me off my feet! And I sure appreciate all the opportunies to click and see things up close. Like the mittens. How cuteamous!