Fifteen Finished

I wrote a week or so ago about a Round Robin project I'd participated in over the past fourteen months.

Dear Sharon, a member of the group, has taken the time to post the recipe for the project as well as all of the finished quiltlets. You can take a look right here.

The picture to the left is Sharon's little quilt which is my second favorite from the whole collection. I'm such a sucker for batiks!

When Sharon's quilt reached me, my assignment was "embroider something." I thought it already had a lot going on and knew that there were several steps to follow mine. So I got out some waste canvas from my days as a cross-stitcher, and embroidered "garden thyme," which she had indicated was her theme.


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I'm glad that you elaborated on how you embroidered the words on that one. I was interested in how those words were applied on that particular quilt and couldn't enlarge the photo enough to tell. I was almost thinking it was a dye discharge method or something like that. This RR was so much fun!