Doing My Part

Well, friends, the economy of Lancaster County is intact, thanks to me and many others of our ilk. I drove out on Friday morning, leaving home at 6:30 so I wouldn't get caught in the dreadful rush hour traffic at Valley Forge. The day before I had phoned Carol at White Oak to ask what time breakfast was being served on Friday. Bonnie and two of her friends had reserved the four-bed room for Thursday and Friday nights and I was scheduled to take the trundle bed on Friday night. I knew that by leaving home early I'd arrive at the show way before it opened, and with no coffee. So I went directly to White Oak and joined Bonnie and her friends and the other B&B guests for Carol's yummy food. And then it was time to go to the show!

I started at the Renegade Vendors across the street, and found some absolutely wonderful items. I bought fabric to make a Christmas gift and won't say more about that until late in December. I bought a spectacular kit at the Cottonseed Glory (second best quilt shop I've ever been in, down in Annapolis, Maryland) stand -- it is a wall hanging for Caroline's room. Then I took the shuttle over to the show and bought my pass. Started in the Lampeter gallery with just 45 minutes before I was scheduled to meet Sherron and Eileen for lunch. Saw the various challenge quilts and from the Pinwheels stand I bought some darling fabric to make another quilt for Sam. I was quite ready to sit down when I met Sherron and Eileen at the buffet. After lunch I saw the rest of the show and did a little more shopping, finding lots of the double pinks I was looking for. And suddenly it was nearly two o'clock and I was dog tired.

I drove back to White Oak where Carol welcomed me for the second time that day and said that the people who had been staying in the room I usually use had checked out and it was all ready for me to occupy -- no need to join the others in the crowded room. I crawled into bed and slept so soundly for an hour. When I woke, there was still lots of time before I was to meet Bonnie, et al., and Susan and Amy for dinner, so off to Intercourse I went, where I did my part to keep The Old Country Store in business. I picked up two batiks for borders for my batik baskets on black quilt. I got a few yards of Kona white and Kona black. I got another batik to go with some FQs I already had. I did FINE.

After dinner, though some of the shops were staying open very late in honor of the show, we all went back to White Oak where we sat and chatted until bedtime. This morning after breakfast I headed home, resisting the temptation to stop at Sauder's. Picture of some of my purchases will be available by my next post, I would imagine. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said…
I am glad you are propping up the economy, but did you leave anything for us???
See you soon,
Kathy B
debijeanm said…
Your patriotic sacrifice for the sake of our economy is to be revered! As an American, I thank you.

So glad to read that you had a good time. I used to take my mom to a HUGE quilt show the day before Mother's Day every year, but my SIL started throwing the May Birthday/Mother's Day bash that day and Mom and I have been missing out. You have inspired me to find a show to take her to.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Lucky you, sounds divine!
Sounds like you had a marvelous time. Can't wait to see the fabrics you purchased.
Tanya said…
How wonderful! I wish I could join you on a quilt jaunt! Sounds like so much fun and I wouldn't mind helping quilt stores with an economy boost either. And you got to be with Bonnie? Neat!

Love that Jewel Box quilt you are doing!
*karendianne. said…
Looking forward to seeing the photos of your purchases and by the way... I think "Cottonseed Glory" is a great name! Very cool.

So glad you had a good outing!

Out and About with Love, *karendianne.