A Wunnerful Surprise!

When I got home yesterday, the mail was still outside. Usually Joe brings it in when he comes home for lunch, but apparently he had something else going on yesterday. There were all the usual circulars and bills and two packages!

The first package was the third installment of a new BOM that I've not even begun installment one for yet. The second package was a large, thick puffy, addressed with gorgeous hand calligraphy, and postmarked Australia! It was from Little Mysteries! This lovely lady had been my recipient in the International Secret Santa Swap that Chooky Blue had organized. Over the months between the name assignments and the sending of gifts, I had the opportunity to get to know Little Mysteries without her knowing -- I felt a bit like a stalker! I knew that owls were important to her (and violets) and over time became pretty smitten with her hand-made owlies. Later I got the idea that once Biscuit was born, I might actually buy one from her Etsy shop. And now I have one! And look -- it is made from William Morris fabric! Is this fantastic, or what? I can't wait to give it to Caroline!

Thank you so much, dear friend from Oz!


SallyB said…
Hi, Nancy,

Thanks for the tips left on my blog and I have changed the things you requested. I'm still kinda new to all of this so I'm still in a bit of a learning curve.

I am so glad it arrived safe and you like it :-)
hey I got to mett little mysteries last week and she is lovely and those little owlies are gorgeous...I am so pleasedyou have made anew friend in blogland thru my swap..........