Sunbeams from the Ground

Once again, many folks are sporting pictures of daffodils on their blogs, and once again, we don't have them yet Near Philadelphia. We do have crocuses, however, so I'm posting a picture of them. They are definitely helping us to get through these last few weeks of winter-into-spring.

Spring break for the school begins tomorrow and lasts for seven school days. I'll be taking off both of the Fridays, the first one to get ready for Easter (the whole family will be at our house on Sunday -- Hallelujah!) and the second one to attend the quilt show in Lancaster. The rest of the days I'll be working just from 8 until 1, leaving me nice long afternoons to sew and play and perhaps actually get to some of the spring cleaning-out.

In the sewing studio, I'm working on the Hot Summer Hearts; the blocks are all sewn together in rows now and my first piano keys border is in process. I've finished 9 of my Leader-Ender project blocks and have the remaining 7 in the works and in the mind as well as a recipient in the mind Then there are the Festival of Trees blocks that I'm working on in the living room; I am not sure how many are finished now, but they are moving right along. I had subscribed to a BOM that involved various kinds of houses with Scripture about homes; I thought that I would make it for Joe but once it came and I had the first block finished, I knew he would not like the primitive style one bit. So I set it aside; now I have a possible recipient in mind and I'd like to spend some of the spring break time cutting and bonding so that I can work on the blocks through the spring. I'll post pictures of some of these projects in a day or so.

I'll also post a picture of a Wonderful Surprise that happened last night.

All of this to come, but first let us get through today!


Juliann in WA said…
We don't have daffodils or cherry blossoms here yet and it does not feel like Easter can be just a few days away.
Karrin Hurd said…
Love that BOM, who are you getting it through?
tami said…
We don't have ANY flowers here in Maine. As a matter of fact we are having a snow storm. No fair. :(
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I won't bore you with more daffodils or forsythia photos, that's torture. You know, I am doing those same Sarah Sporrer blocks and mine aren't nearly as primitive as called for, I took some liberties. I will post photos. Waiting with bated breath for your beauties and the big surprise, you're a tease!