No Pleasure, None at All

Once I received my new William Morris fabrics, I felt like it would be okay to use up some of the Bills in my stash. I'd been wanting to make a quilt for my long-time friend at Kent Kapers to help her get through this seemingly unending winter and when she wrote a few weeks ago that she, too, was an aficianado of his work, I put two and two together. The pattern is my third Whackie Girl. You may remember the others from here and here. My friend received it a couple of days ago, before all of the two feet of snow out there had melted.

She wrote the dearest note of appreciation, and it put me in mind of the day so many years ago that I had lunch at Honna's. She'd made a really good tuna melt and we'd had a great time together and as I was leaving, I thanked her. "Thank you, Honna," I said. Always quick to reply, she began "No . . . " before remembering that I think "No problem" is a terrible response to "Thank you." So mid-phrase she switched to "My pleasure," but, of course, it came out "No pleasure." And thus that marvelous hybrid entered our lingo. Our entire family uses it and so do a couple of close friends and, by gum, I bet you'll give it a try after reading this.

The pattern is called "Whackie Girl" and is the only way I know to get one is to buy it from the designer. She's trying to get a website up, but so far I've not heard that this has happened. If you wanna buy one, email me, and I'll put you in touch with her. It will be no pleasure whatsoever.


floribunda said…
I love that pattern and I'd love to be able to buy a copy... and thank you for links to some wonderful non-quilty blogs. I read Chez regularly now, and Kent Kapers is another treat! I want to be like her when I'm her age.
Elaine Adair said…
I've enjoyed your string-y quilts - they are lovely - personally, I never get enough of strings, and these FEED my addiction! LOL

Your stories about e-mail problems, bank issues, etc. make me happy to live in my little, waaaaay out in the country, personal town, where everybody knows my name! (although we have our own different issues!) LOL Good luck on the problems - what a drain of time and energy, when you could be sewing, instead.