What's Happening Here

It is my turn to receive blocks from one of my on-line groups, and they've begun to roll in. I had posted my own block earlier here and it's been up on the outside flap of my design wall for about a month now. But as you can see, three more beauties have joined it, with about ten more to come! I am absolutely delighted so far. I know that these blocks will not languish about waiting to be set.

I probably will need to make a few more in order to have a quilt of a usable size (I have a recipient in mind, someone who claims to like "contemporary") and getting them made is the only thing that I can foresee holding me up once all of them have come in.

I would get started now, but, you see, we sent out different fabric pairings to each participant, and didn't keep track, so I will need to wait because I don't want to duplicate any of the combinations.

I mentioned awhile back that I'd undertaken my first leader-ender project, a Jewel Box made from shirtings and mostly CW repros. Three or four of the blocks are completely put together at this point, and I'm liking the look of them quite a bit. I am a bit remorse that I never did a leader-ender project before; really, this quilt is making itself. Except for the times that I can't resist putting a couple of the units together. Otherwise, the components are still in the big plastic pretzel jar for me to pull out at the start and finish of every other joining. I have enough for nine blocks made (they are sixteen inch blocks) and am thinking that sixteen blocks would make a very nice quilt. So I'll be leader-endering for a while yet. I've already begun to think a bit about what my next leader-ender might be!

I posted this dozen appliqued hearts blocks earlier and have finally started working on the simple alternate blocks, which should really take no time whatsoever. Once the blocks are all joined I am going to make a scrappy sunset colors border, then a narrow white border, and finally a wide solid batik border to get it up to a size that will fit nicely at the end of a college dorm bed.

I like to have a variety of projects in progress and move around from one to another.

The only other thing, really, has to do with statistics (who, me?). I'm coming up on my 40,000th visitor and my 400th post and in the grand tradition of blogging quilters or quilting bloggers, I feel a give-away coming on. Do stay tuned!


The Calico Cat said…
Love the "fall" Jewel box. (My CW repros have a lot more blue...)
SallyB said…
I love quilts, particularly historic ones. I'm fascinated with stories behind the origins of the patterns commonly used. I've done a bit of reading about the so-called "underground railroad signal quilts" and I know that there is some controversy regarding them due to documentation issues. Looking at some of these pictures reminds me of some of the historical quilts that I have seen in my travels. In fact, we used to have an old quilt made by my great grandmother Burnell, but I don't know where it is, but it's rather tattered from use. I remember bundling up in it when I was sick as a child and loving the old thing.
Tanya said…
You certainly do have a variety of things going on! I love your jewel box quilt too! I've used my leaders enders here and there but I'm still not organized enough to have a box of lights and a box of darks so they don't come out in such a useable form. I need to work on that someday soon and get two boxes going. Good for you!