What Was I Thinking? -- An Update

My decision to take a more streamlined approach to What Was I Thinking? was a good one. I've sorted the 76 units by big triangle color, and stacked them with the fabric needed to match the big triangles for the claws. Each day I do one set (usually there are four) and press the fabric for the next day's set. As you can see, I'm moving right along, relatively painlessly.

Of course, every now and again, especially at night if I'm tired, I sew a strip or two wrong, and that necessitates frog stitching, which I do upstairs in front of the TV with whatever Joe is watching. What Was I Thinking? is no longer intimidating me; in fact, it seems actually possible that it will someday be finished. This has been a good learning experience.

I have another begun project, this one not quite so old, that got way too complicated and it, too, has been relegated to the WISPs cupboard. Perhaps, just perhaps . . . . (Uh-oh, I think it just got named!)

Meanwhile, all of the stopping and starting has been so good for my Leader-Ender project, the Jewel Box. My plan had been sixteen blocks, but at the rate the blocks are coming together, it just might stretch to twenty-five!

Most of the medium and dark colored fabric in this project are CW repros and all of the lights are CW shirtings. Among the mediums and darks are some contemporary bits, just to liven it up. I'm thinking that it is working pretty well.

I'm off from school today and tomorrow; it is Spring Break still, and I got enough done earlier in the week that I can take these vacation days. Today is laundry and picking up and sewing, sewing, sewing. Tomorrow morning, as early as possible, I'm off to the show (vendors) in Lancaster. Bonnie and two of her friends have taken a four-bed room at White Oak, so I have the option of staying over tomorrow night, if I like, and returning to the show on Saturday morning before heading home.

What's that thing that Mrs. Goodneedle says? Right: "Life is good."


*karendianne. said…
Nancy, What Was I Thinking is amazing to me. I'm so psyched you get some time off from work to sew. And okay the fabrics in the Jewel Box are so neat. I like how you added some contemporaries in there, too.

Artful Love, *karendianne.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Life is oh-so Good... some days even better than others! Love, love, love that Jewel Box!
tami said…
A day of sewing? Sounds perfect to me.
I love the jewel box pattern. Yours is lovely. Don't forget to save some CW fabrics for when you get my round robin.:cD