Want to Meet Up at the Show?

I'll be at the Lancaster Show on Friday, March 28 and part of Saturday, March 29. Any of y'all quilting bloggers going to be there too? Would it be fun to have lunch together on Friday?

Here's a possible plan: Let me know if you are interested to meet for lunch. We'll plan to gather at the big fireplace at the host around 11:30 (before everyone else gets to thinking about food), and eat our lunch at the restaurant that is just a few steps from there. I've lunched there before and found it a good meal, and no need to get in the car(s) and go to another crowded spot. Enjoy each others' company for an hour or so and then off to the vendors!

Whaddya think?


Juliann in WA said…
I wish I was coming to this show. How fun to meet up and share some of the joys of the craft. Have fun.
The Calico Cat said…
I am pretty sure that Mr. Calico Cat & I will be there on Sunday.
*karendianne. said…
Wow, what a great invite! I'll be there in spirit. ;)

Ghostly Love, *karendianne
Anonymous said…
I'm not a blogger but hope you get this message. I'll be in Lancasterfor the show, shopping, and hanging out with some pals and will look for you on Friday. May in Jersey
I've not been to this show and just put out a post asking for information. I'd love to hear what you think about the show. I'll check some of your older posts to see if you've posted about it.

Sherry said…
I can't get off of work on Friday but will be there on Saturday; I'm taking a quilting class with DiDi McElroy on Sunday (all day class) and then heading home Sunday evening.

Would have liked to have caught up with you. . .perhaps at another show. . . are you going to the Hershey show?

Have a great time!