You Just Never Know

I mean, really, you just never know.

Our trip last summer aboard Star Flyer was a magical experience. One we hoped to repeat perhaps more than one time. We looked over the possible itineraries; the one we like the most happens only once a year, in October, and involves Casablanca and Spain and, I believe, Portugal. An October vacation is out of the question for this particular Quaker school employee. We thought that perhaps in the summer of '09 or '10 we might try to do an Italy itinerary, but that seemed a long time away.

I receive emails from Star Clippers from time to time and last week came one that announced that their 08-09 schedules had been posted and they were offering a significant discount for early booking. Just out of curiosity, I checked the school calendar for spring break next year and looked to see what was happening with Star Clippers during that time. They are doing a couple of nice things, nothing I ever thought I'd want or need to do. But the memory of Star Flyer is so wonderful, the desire for another similar experience so strong, that I gave them a call. And, as it happens, the significant discount for early booking that was quoted in the email doesn't apply to previous passengers. Those people get an even more generous discount!

Reader, I see that once again you have beat me to the finish line. But have you figured out the destination? Precisely one year from three days ago, we fly to Barbados and one year from two days ago we board Royal Clipper and spend the next week visiting the Windward Islands: St. Lucia, Dominica, Antigua, St. Kitts, Ilse des Saintes, and Martinique.

Truly, you just never know.


*karendianne. said…
Well if that don't instantly shift a persons outlook I reckon I dont know what would!

Right on.

Sail Away with Love, *karendianne.
Anonymous said…
That looks like a wonderful vacation. I went to their web site and requested a brochure. Now to convince John that he really would like to go :-))

Kathy B
Ms. Jan said…
Well, you won't catch any fish if you don't put your line in the water, eh? What great news and something to look forward to for sure.

Caroline is looking sweet, sweet, sweet.
Anonymous said…
Woo Hoo! That is something to look forward to! Way to go!
Angela said…
OMGOSH! You are going on the clipper pictured???? WOW!
debijeanm said…
And sometimes nice things happen for nice people!