Cycling in Copenhagen

I've never seen as many bicycles in one place as I did in Copenhagen. The city is very bike-conscious and is constantly striving to improve conditions for cyclists. There are designated bike lanes and currently a project is to make these lanes wider. A current program is testing the right for cyclists to turn right on red. Many, many people ride their bikes to work. The desk clerk at our hotel told me it takes her ten minutes whereas the bus would take half an hour and cost money.

Some adults and most children wear helmets.

I was fascinated by not just the quantity but the variety of bicycles that I saw in Copenhagen, and this post is just photos of the cycling sights I saw.


Karla said…
Some of those bikes are very different. I love the ones that are the minivan sort.

Barbara Anne said…
How amazing a sight that much be when those many bicycles are moving. Stellar idea for the riders' health and the planet.

Janet O. said…
Wow--that is LOT of bikes!
We would do well to do more of that.
AnnieO said…
We grew up riding our bikes from a young age, as the family only had one car and my mom didn't drive. I can recall some full bike racks at school but not quite like this! SoCal cities are also very bike conscious.