Orange Crush

Each year as part of our outreach program, the church holds an Oktoberfest. I think that is because our present pastor is a native of East Berlin -- he knows all about such things. The Oktoberfest (peculiarly held in September) has been a tremendous success over the past four or five years that we have been doing it.

There is abundant and delicious authentic German food, a bake sale, a beer garden, German music (featuring said pastor on his clarinet and another pastor on the accordion, no less), and entertainment for the little ones.

There is also a silent auction. My friend Rosita is usually in charge of this auction, and I've tried each year to make and donate a baby quilt. This year's offering is called Orange Crush because it reminded me of that too-sweet-but-so-pretty soda in the glass bottles.

I hope it brings in a bundle.


Janet O. said…
You are, without a doubt, the baby quilt queen! Another little lovely creation here.
Oh, how many years has it been since I had an Orange Crush?
Quiltdivajulie said…
GREAT baby quilt - I, too, hope it brings in a bundle!
Barbara Anne said…
What fun for all and a wonderful fund raiser, too.

Orange Crush is too cute and I agree with Janet that you're a whiz at making charming baby quilts!
Sigh, now I want an Orange Crush. It's been decades since I had one. Sigh!

rappy said…
Lovely quilt!

Technically, as an Ossi from the east he shouldn't know a thing about Oktoberfest, which is a Bavarian festival, some 600km to the south in the evil, decadent West.

As for why it takes place in September, the official Oktoberfest runs for for two weeks and three weekends, ending on the first weekend in October. The first Saturday is when the beer kegs are tapped, which is quite the ceremony, and is coming up this very weekend :).

Oktoberfest is one of my favourite things about living in Munich--can't wait to put my Dirndl on and spend an afternoon there next week.