Fun in Finland

The second day in Helsinki, we walked and walked. Joe is so good with maps and has so much better a sense of direction than I have. It is really impressive. 

Under his direction, we walked to Finlandia Hall, Helsinki’s answer to Philadelphia’ Kimmel Center. He needed to see more if it than I did, which is the case with a lot of buildings, so I waited in the comfortable lobby while he investigated.

Then on to the Rock Church. It wasn’t very far from Finlandia, and the walk took us in a different direction, more residential than commercial. I’d never seen anything quite like the Rock Church, which was excavated directly into solid rock. It was beautiful in a cold kind of way. Like most of the churches in Scandinavia, it is Lutheran.

We then headed back towards the Fish Market. Joe wanted to see a building not far from there and I wanted to do a little more shopping, so we split up and met for lunch. Both of us wanted to go to Marimekko, which we did, and then returned to the hotel for a long nap. It was not yet four o’clock and I’d walked over 12,500 steps!

Dinner was at a Czech restaurant across from the hotel. The goulash was a bit spicy for my taste, but it was a pretty place and Joe enjoyed his mixed grill. 


Barbara Anne said…
What a treat to see these most interesting buildings, especially the Rock Church.

Oh! I imagine Marimekko was full of eye candy and joyful colors! 'Fess up! Did you buy anything there?

Janet O. said…
That Rock Church looks amazing.
Is your FitBit worn out now? Very impressive step count for an afternoon!