I read this book not long after we returned from our trip to Alaska. I am fascinated by religions that are vastly different from my own, and had anticipated a good read here.

It was not to be.

Not particularly well written, and apparently, not particularly truthful, the book paints an unpleasant picture of Satmar Judaism. After I read it, I checked the reviews on Amazon and read the criticism of the author for distorting facts, omitting important details, etc. She calls her book a memoir, and that may explain the criticized items.

I wanted to like the author. But I didn't. She seemed whiney. At the end, when she drives off with her toddler and leaves her husband, she doesn't have a legitimate high school diploma or a job, and is taking college classes. There's no explanation of how she paid her bills or what her future goals would be.

If somebody gives it to you, go ahead and read it if you can. But certainly do not spend any money on it.


Barbara Anne said…
Very interesting review. I'd not heard of this book but, like you, I enjoy a variety of book topics.

OT Quilter said…
Thanks for the review. I love memoirs and would probably have given this a look. Instead, try "Holy Days: The World of a Hasidic Family" by Lis Harris. It was published in 1985, so try your local library. 😉