Friendly Old Girl of a Town

Copenhagen is quite a bit about Tivoli. Our hotel was just around the corner and we arrived in town on Sunday in time to settle in at the hotel and walk over to Tivoli for dinner.

It was as magical as we had remembered.

We had had a lovely dinner at one restaurant the last time we were here, so we returned there to find it had changed hands. We decided to eat there anyway, and were very glad that we did.

On Monday we walked around town in the morning. I wanted to see the Hans Christian Anderson statue, and there was another area that needed exploring.

That afternoon was the great laundry fiasco. Halfway through our trip, it was time to find a laundromat. I'd Googled possibilities at home and Joe printed out a little map. But we made a wrong turn. A bazillion steps later we were in a very primitive laundromat. I was ready to cry from tired feet. Wisely, Joe parked me at what turned out to be a splendid sandwich shop while he went off to the ATM. We split the chicken sandwich and had our favorite lunchy beverage: elderflower. Then we tried again at the laundromat. What we had to do was put our clothes in the washers, then go to a panel in the front of the store and push buttons for the machines we'd chosen, insert our money there, go to another machine and insert money for the detergent to fill the waiting cup, go back to the machines, add the detergent, select the cycles, and press GO. Other patrons were very, very helpful; we would never have figured all of this out for ourselves! Back to the panel for the dryers, and eventually we finished. A couple of things refused to get completely dry; I just brought them back to the hotel and hung them up.

Dinner again at Tivoli, 18,000+ steps on the Fitbit, I slept well that night.

Tuesday we walked to Rosenberg Castle which was fascinating. We spent quite a bit of time there. The guards inside were, of course, full of knowledge and very, very helpful to us.

We learned that Christian IV had gone to battle and been wounded. He survived, but lost an eye and had two pieces of shrapnel embedded in his cheek. When they were removed, he had them made into a pair of earrings for his wife!

The Crown Jewels. For real.

We ambled down to Nyhaven for lunch (a change for me from herring and/or salmon at every meal -- an open-faced liver pate sandwich -- scrumptious!) and then took a one-hour canal boat tour that was very relaxing.


Karla said…
Holy Moly, you guys walked somewhere around 9 miles!! You guys sure do know how to have fun, even at a laundromat!

Barbara Anne said…
You two had just one adventure after another! Who would have imagined the laundromat would have worked that way? It's wonderful most people around the world are kind and helpful.

Loved the photos and your most interesting text!

Janet O. said…
My Fitbit was embarrassed when it heard your total for laundry day. Even running up and down the stairs to my laundry room doesn't bring me close to half of that! What an adventure you had at the laundromat. In spite of that, many parts of the visit here sound delightful.
Lori said…
I have such fond memories of our time in Copenhagen. Funny about the laundromat!