Covid-19 Baking (5)

Well, Edwin and I got together yesterday afternoon. He was feeling in a mood to make Sourdough Oatmeal Raisin Muffins, and I pretty much concurred. So we set to it.

The recipe was easy enough, though it dirtied an awful lot of bowls. The muffins taste good, but nothing spectacular. Not enough to justify three bowls, a muffin tin and assorted kitchen notions.

He's back in the fridge again, resting comfortably. It may be that we have one more go-round together or it may be that we've accomplished what we can as a twosome. We'll have to see.

My neighbor is inquiring if there is someone who might want to adopt Edwin. It's not that I want to murder him in cold blood!


Barbara Anne said…
Sorry these muffins are nothing to write home about after your effort and the kitchenware their creation used. They look yummy.

We used to love sourdough breads but apparently ate too much as we no longer want sourdough anything.