Covid-19 Sewing (13) Pay It Forward

For the past several years, each January I subscribe to a Pay It Forward effort via Facebook. Usually it involves something hand-made.

This year I made the offer to send something hand-made to each of three people within the year of 2020.  Each of the three people had to agree to make the same offer on their own Facebook Page.

Anne, Nann, and Mimi were the first to respond.

Once we were well into the Covid-19 lock-down, I thought it was time to get on with the PIF projects. I had been very impressed with the thought that someone shared: "We are not all in the same boat. We are all in the same storm." The idea was that everyone is responding to the sequestration in his or her own way; we are all different. That got me to thinking about the Storm At Sea block, which I'd never made and which looked intimidating. Well, that wasn't going to deter me.

I searched around at at Quilter's Cache I found a very clear SAS block to make by way of paper piecing. It was fun!

These hand-quilted table mats/candle mats/whatever mats went in the mail recently and all have now been received.


Barbara Anne said…
I've long wanted to make a Storm at Sea quilt and even have fabrics bundled for it but was deterred by one of the block parts. Will seek the paper piecing that you found for these wonderful table toppers you made to PIF.

Nice idea and well done!

AnnieO said…
I've never made a Storm at Sea block either! Yours look terrific.
Janet O. said…
What a great idea--or maybe I should say ideas. Love the Pay it Forward with handmade items, and Storm at Sea is so appropriate for our time.
I've read about this thought that we are all in the same storm, but not the same boat. The thing that jumped out at me was that though we may be facing similar Pandemic restrictions, those with jobs that are continuing, and who weren't already in paycheck-to-paycheck situations have a very different storm experience than those who have lost jobs and have no safety net to catch them. We have been extremely blessed in the fact that not one employed member of our family has lost their employment. I really ache for those who have lost wages and for one reason or another they don't qualify for the assistance offered to others. There are so many different boats in this storm!
Quiltdivajulie said…
Terrific way to "make" a storm at sea without committing to an entire quilt. PIF is a wonderful way to think. Good for you and good for all those who will feel the ripples of goodness.