Covid-19 Construction (1)

I have been relatively diligent about sharing my Covid-19 Sewing and Covid-19 Baking endeavors. The sewing is moving right along, despite the lack of recent posts: I am working on the last of the six large appliqué blocks for The Aunts' Quilt. I have been working on three secret projects, two of which should be revealed before too long. And the Adventures of Edwin have been chronicled faithfully.

All of this time, however, I've neglected to share how Himself is coping with All Of This.

A confirmed introvert close to the far end of the scale, Joe has reveled in the quiet! He's gardened extensively. He's nearly finished the second super-difficult 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle. He's read up a storm. He has made more ice cream than Baskin Robbins, and in better flavors, too. Recently, he and Blackberry took up construction and woodworking again.

The picture above is of the new arbor/trellis that they are constructing for the back yard. There is more to go. There are trellises to be affixed. Then the Hyacinth Beans that Kristina shared with us so many years ago will be planted yet again. The hope is that these fast-growing vines will cover the lattice before long.

In the very back part of the yard, there's this smaller, less impressive construction. This is a frame for the  blackberries we acquired last year (or was it the year before?) to grow on. Already there are many, many blossoms.

There is a similar structure on the side yard (near the vegetable garden) where the red raspberries will be tempting the deer. A barrier of some sort is in the planning stages. Again, there are beaucoup blossoms.

The black raspberries didn't survive.


Quiltdivajulie said…
I'm with Joe - I have actually enjoyed this time of not having to run around and be "busy" with stuff outside the house (although the worry about one of our family/friends/etc. falling ill has not be so enjoyable). Hooray for woodworking and gardening - they have been the pursuits DH has used here to stay busy (and audio books rather than books with pages have kept him company as he worked). Wonder how Edwin feels about sourdough with berries?
Janet O. said…
This has been a pleasant time for introverts--of which my husband is also one. Your husband is making very good use of his ideal time. :)
Barbara Anne said…
Joe has certainly used his time well!

When we had a garden, we thwarted the local deer by putting up orange hurricane fencing with rubber snakes (from a school supply on-line site) laced in the fencing. Down below, we used a thick chicken wire that we laced a foot above the bottom of the fence and buried the other side about 8" down in the dirt. No burrowing or leaping invaders bothered our corn, other veggies, or strawberries. The orange fencing was gaudy, but it was effective. The strawberries were protected by a cage to keep the birds out.

Helen said…
Thank you for this post.

I was a little ashamed of the way I have been enjoying the "forced" sheltering at home order. I didn't think that I was an introvert, and I truly don't think I'm a hard-core introvert, but not having to be "busy" with social things that get in the way of spending time with my husband and puttering about my yard, garden, sewing studio, etc. has been enjoyable. (BOY was THAT a run-on sentence!

Hugs and love from Helen (Mimi)