Covid-19 Sewing (16) Napkins

Trips to the grocery store are more like being on a scavenger hunt. One never knows just what isn't going to be available. Last week, neither the store I go to nor the one Joe frequents had a single box of tabbouleh, for example. So strange.

The nakedness of the toilet paper aisle is almost standard, though we've been fortunate to be in the one store as a shipment was being unloaded. What we didn't expect was that the paper goods scarcity would extend to paper towels and paper napkins. We tried not think why.

We found ourselves re-using very cheap paper napkins. The grossness of this practice got to me and I did something I prolly should have done many, many years ago.

I made a half dozen bright napkins that we can reuse comfortably.

I cut 13" squares of fabric, pressed each side under 1/4" twice, and stitched. A very quick project. I don't know why I didn't do this earlier.


Barbara Anne said…
We've been calling the grocery list a 'wish list' as, like in your area, what will be on the grocery shelves is a guessing game but it's no fun.

Love your colorful fabric napkins! Several years ago, I bought cloth napkins as I wanted some that were sturdier than my quilting cotton fabric and I no longer wanted to use paper napkins. We've been using the cloth napkins ever since.

Hope your family near and far are faring well these days.

I've been using fabric napkins for many years. My favorites are made from homespun (so soft) with a serged rolled hem. I like my napkins a little bigger and make them 16"
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Yes! Yes!! Why haven't I thought of this before now? Thank you!! Yours are glorious, by the way.
Quiltdivajulie said…
What an excellent idea -- goodness knows most of us have adequate stash to use.
Janet O. said…
These are gorgeous, and such a great idea!
Our paper aisles were empty for a long time, but lately it seems there is usually something there--maybe not the brand or quality you always want, but it is something.
Robby said…
I've made cloth napkins to match a tablecloth and they are so nice. Ha, in fact, they're so nice I struggle to use them. Your post has made me consider I might just need a random selection of cloth napkins so I won't worry about keeping them "for nice" for company. I make mine a bit larger and use two coordinating fabrics that I sew a quick seam almost all they way around and then turn it right side out like a pillow cover. A quick iron and then a round of top stitching to hold everything in place and close the turning point and I'm done.

I think all the paper products are lagging for two reasons. One, still more domestic than commercial use and I imagine the factories are processing so much paper towels and toilet paper that they aren't taking time to reconfigure to do things like napkins. Just a guess, but you're all set with much prettier options.
Quiltdivajulie said…
TESTING -- leaving a comment using the new computer - I agree with Robby - the trick is to make a batch of mismatched napkins so that there are no worries about one of the set being spoiled. Thanks again for this idea!!!