Covid-19 Sewing (15) Archaeological Finds (A-1)

And then there's this, unearthed during yesterday's purge. A BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop, it's been maturing nicely* since about 2009. Look how much of it is completed!

It looks to me as though about 6-10 hours of work remain.

Trouble is, while it's a pretty project, it no longer reflects in any way who I am as a quilter. It's all from one line of Moda fabric and is awfully matchy-matchy, to my eyes.

But I'm going to go ahead and finish it into a flimsy and then pass the abundant scraps to Ruth who somehow manages to make silk purses out of sows' ears.

At some point, there will be a need for a quilt to raffle and at that point I'll get it quilted and bound and donated.

Someone will appreciate it, I would think. Oh, and there's another of similar vintage, but not as far along.

*Thanks for this exquisite phraseology, Anne B!


Barbara Anne said…
What a treasure of a find and I LOVE the phrase "maturing nicely". I have several UFOs that meet that description.

I've never made any quilt from just one fabric line and only buy 2 to 3 fabrics from any fabric line (back when I bought new fabric). I prefer to add in fabrics from my stash so all my quilts are a mixture of fabrics. These days, I'm working from my sizable stash and am happy doing that.

You're right. Someone will love sampler quilt you plan to donate.