Edwin Has LEFT the Building!

After I placed a post on Facebook seeking a good home, it took approximately twelve minutes for  a very good home indeed to be offered to 1847 Oregon Trail Edwin.

His new baker picked him up yesterday afternoon, took him home, fed him, and introduced him to his new sister-starter.

Kristina, wanting to be sure I knew he was okay, sent me this picture of Edwin, fed and bubbling away, next to the other one.

He's the one on the right, good-looking dude that he is.

Kristina has assured me that should the need ever arise, I can have a bit of him back. All I have to do is ask.


Anonymous said…
I enjoyed the story of Edwin. Hope you get updates every so often. Thanks for sharing.
Quiltdivajulie said…
Good for you - happy Edwin has a good new home.
Barbara Anne said…
How wonderful that it took so little time for you to find Edwin's next good home!

Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Free to a good home~ I hope the adoptive parents will enjoy Edwin's presence and the gift that just keeps giving!
Janet O. said…
You two had a good run together. Now when offered a sourdough start you can confidently say "been there, done that."