Covid-20 Sewing (20) Archaeological Finds (B-1)

So here's the raw material (ha ha) for Archaeological Find B. It doesn't look to be anywhere near as far along as AF A was, I'm sorry to say. Wouldn't ya know that the color scheme would be mighty similar to that of the previous archaeological find? Guess it is something about being from 2009, because it seems that is the date both were begun. I don't know whether everything is actually there. Oh, well. I guess I'll plunge in and if I can't bear it, it can stay in the box for another ten or so years. Maturing nicely, Anne. Like a fine Port or Manchego.


Barbara Anne said…
The box contents look yummy! Hope you left the pattern in there along with notes about your intentions or ideas.

I'm about to start a "dig" myself as I seek to tidy up this oh-so-messy sewing room.

AnnieO said…
I think the fabric collections are still very pretty and make a lovely quilt!
Quiltdivajulie said…
I started making quilts in 2004 and that fabric looks to be Moda and maybe even Three Sisters - so reminiscent of the first quilt I made (but mine had sage greens instead of the blues in yours). Good luck deciding whether to finish or store for a few more years.