Covid-19 Joy (3) In Control

I wrote earlier that the time of sequestration has been a time of thinking for me. This continues.

I have gone through phases where I had to turn off the television news broadcasts because they made me so angry/frustrated/fearful/incredulous that I couldn't take it anymore. Then, after a time, I would tell myself that a responsible, sensible person would watch the news to keep as much as possible abreast of everything going on. And after a short time, I'd be turning the television off again.

I subscribe to digital version so The New York Times and The Washington Post, both of which are rated as ever-so-slightly left of center. During the times that I can't handle the TV broadcast news, I continue to read those sources. It may be that I don't need anything more than that.

Unfortunately, another layer of news comes to me, unbidden, from Facebook where people I count as "friends" often share their own political positions, some of them citing sources very far to the left and, rarely, very far to the right. This hasn't been helpful to me. I've come to realize that my own sharing of my political position, my re-sharing of others' posts, isn't doing anyone any good. The occasional FB follower who is on the other side of the fence politically from me isn't going to be persuaded differently by anything I offer. Those in my camp scarcely need their positions intensified. So I've stopped sharing anything political; my anger/frustration/fear/disbelief are better dealt with in other ways. I've changed my settings on Facebook so that am no longer exposed to any posts from the few "friends" who are defensive or supportive of the current administration. And, as to those "friends" who mostly post things that are critical or contemptuous of that administration, I'm no longer seeing those posts either. It had become a matter of either making these changes or abandoning the platform altogether.

Right now, in addition to the political unrest, there are other immense issues impacting the world around me. It felt good to reset Facebook, one of the few things I can control.


Janet O. said…
Good for you, Nancy. We have to be selective as to how much "stuff" we are exposed to each day. There is too much negative out there, and I know I can only handle so much before it pulls me down.
Lori said…
I've had to do the same thing with Facebook. I'll know soon when the 30 day Mute is up! LOL
I subscribe to the NYT daily briefing and get snippets on news here and there on facebook, but it is very stressful. Maybe if we hadn't started with 3 months of pandemic and lockdowns I could handle the other better.
We can't ignore it completely and I'm trying to do a little each day to make me a better person to all POC! (well, actually to all people, but more aware of POC)
Quayquilter said…
Hello Nancy
I think you are very wise. I am just listening to the news headlines. I feel quite lucky that the BBC aims for neutrality. The feeling is that most of the people who work for it are metropolitan leftish liberals which meant hey didn't see Brexit coming but the thorough journalistic approach means their coverage sometimes upsets governments of all colours which is a good sign. In normal times I listen to PM a hour long Radio 4 news programme which often has non politician experts unpicking the issues and facts. When Corona deaths were mounting up the programme ended with a piece of music, poem or reading to remind us us of enduring realities and calm anxieties.
And PS - I always think you are very wise and thoughtful.
Barbara Anne said…
Amen, sister. There is too much absurd, awful, and annoying behavior out there to deal with daily so I turn it off, too. I get much comfort from CDs as I sew or do other tasks, and from books when I sit to rest. I enjoying the blogs of many quilters and find their creativity inspiring and uplifting (this includes you and your blog!).

I'm not on Facebook, twitter, or any other social media platform as I don't need the bother.

Thank you for being there!

Quiltdivajulie said…
We do not watch television news - local or otherwise. We have the NYT digital, our two local papers digital, and USA Today digital. That is MORE than enough news and opinion. As to Facebook, I had reset my settings several times before finally abandoning the platform altogether (somewhere around mid 2016). Honestly, I haven't missed it. I do use Instagram, mostly for eye candy (colors, designs, textures, and family photos from afar). But it is becoming more and more loaded with advertising and with the coming election, I've had to unfollow a few who are very noisy about their politics (from all angles and for all reasons). I agree that what we post will not change anyone else's settings which is why I value and appreciate the more thoughtful and insightful blog posts. But I'm worried now that too many will be unhappy with the new Blogger and reduce their posting or abandon their blog altogether. I surely hope not!