I've Got Mail!

When I retrieved today's mail, I noticed another envelope from Donald J. Trump. Ordinarily when I get mail from him, I do one of two things: (a) Mark it "refused -- return to sender" or (b) Open it up and if there is a postage-paid return envelope (for my generous contribution), I fill it with junk mail and put it in the mailbox.

Today's envelope was intriguing, though. It was obvious from the little window portion that Mr. Trump was sending me some stamps! Some postage stamps that he'd purchased from the very agency he feels so threatened by that he wants to shut it down!

My first, immediate, and only thought was, "How thoughtful of him! Now I can send three more contributions to Joe Biden, thanks to Mr. Trump!"

So I opened it up.

Take a good look at the photo, would you? Click to enlarge it, please.

See how carefully the contents have been placed so that one cannot see the denomination of the stamps? See how they may just be temporarily affixed to the material within?


Each stamp is valued at one whole penny.

I'm still going to send three more contributions to Joe Biden. And a couple to Amy McGrath who, in case you don't know, is going to defeat Mitch McConnell in November.

And I've got to go now. I need to unearth some assorted mail to send back to Mr. Trump. At his expense.


Julierose said…
Oh this is perfect--I have never had the dubious honor of receiving DJT mail--but you have fielded it very well...;))) You go girl!! ;))) Julierose
Nann said…
Way to go, sister! (When DJT and the RNC (sometimes the NRA) send a questionnaire I write on it, NOT ON YOUR TINTYPE! and mail it back.)
Barbara Anne said…
What a great idea! We'll start doing that, too. :)

Janet O. said…
This is a hoot.
The Donald doesn't send me anything, either.
Excellent ideas, all of them!!!’ Makes me wish for Trump mail just to put your ideas into action! And I’ll go vote with my money just as you have done!!