Covid-19 Sewing (14) Guild Challenge

Our Guild (Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild) usually has a spring member challenge. This year was no different and, fortunately, the materials were distributed prior to lock-down.

Each participant "rented*" a piece of Carolyn Friedlander's fabric. This had to be used as the main fabric in the challenge piece. The other rules were that the piece had to finish at 18" square, be bound, and have a hanging sleeve; also, we were given a selection of four traditional quilt blocks and our task was to choose one of them and interpret it in a modern way.

Mindful of my desire to work on curved piecing, I started a Pinterest board for Drunkard's Path blocks. I pondered some ideas. And then out of the blue green, I suddenly knew I needed to do Log Cabin.

You can enlarge the picture to see that it is hand-quilted in the salmon color (but please do not inspect the stitches too carefully!). I thoroughly enjoyed completing this challenge piece. My fondness for text prints is evident and I took care to have it all go the right way. The hardest part was that one corner of the binding; I'd never tried to do anything like that before and was pleased that it turned out as well as it did. The pieces will all hang together at the next big show where our guild has a space.

*We each paid $5 for our piece of fabric. At the completion of the challenge, those who actually completed an entry got their $5 back.


Barbara Anne said…
Well done! I like your modern take on the Log Cabin block, its colors and the snazzy way you brought the coral color into the binding.

This challenge sounds so interesting and I wish I could see the other small quilts that others made.

Quiltdivajulie said…
Your log cabin quilt looks great - congrats on the corner matching binding!
Janet O. said…
You met the challenge well. I am especially impressed with the two-color binding matching up so well.
Judi said…
Lovely interpretation of Log Cabin. Well done on the insert in your binding - so hard to do in a corner!