Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Besides the blocks that became Makin' Tracks, when I was cleaning, purging, and organizing the sewing studio I also found a huge bag of Moda Sentimental Journey scraps. I'd bought a complete set of FQs on Ebay to make a wedding quilt for Tim and Ingrid several years ago. The fabric was not to my taste, but I persevered nonetheless, and they were very pleased with the finished quilt, proudly showing it to me on their bed when we visited a couple of months ago.

The Sentimental Journey photo to the left is not the scraps I found. Far from it. It was lifted from the internet (and is much brighter and yellower/orangier than the real thing). My SJ scraps are scrappy, darn it, and raggedy and irregular.

Right after they came to the surface, I got an email at work about the annual spring festival at the school. The auction lady was looking for items. SJ still is not to my taste, but I could see it making into a sweet quilt for a little girl, and offered to do that. One way to get it out of my house!

So I've begun and have a couple of blocks finished and up on my wall and am making this project my sewing focus for this week.

Updates to follow. As if you didn't know that.

Scrappy, ragged, irregular love (with a smile and a wave to Karen Dianne!),


Little Mysteries said...

Thats a nice way to get rid of the fabric. Can't wait to see the results.

*karendianne. said...

Oh I love scrappy, ragged and irregular. I love everything about it, what you'll do with it and what it will be and all the photos to come as you keep us abreast of you progress. I love the fact that a quilt just really wants to be irregular scraps of ragged cotton and you just happen to have a few handy to share.

You're good like that.

SRI Love, *karendianne.