Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dear Jo

A month or so ago I wrote here about how someone had disappointed me as a partner in the Advent Swap that Fiona and Jo had dreamed up. I never did hear from her.  But yesterday the postman brought me a wonderful bulging parcel from far, far away.  Jo, one of the two organizers of the Advent Swap, had sent me a consolation gift. 

Now you and I (and Jo, too) know that no way was Jo accountable or responsible for the failings of any of the participants.  That really goes without saying.  She's just a dear and lovely lady, a generous and kind spirit, who wanted someone to be undisappointed.  She must have spent hours making that adorable stocking.  And that precious bag -- with each side a different design!  And look at the many additional treasures that she sent.

There was also a terrific magazine that has made its way to the nightstand.  And a splendid Australian porcelain thimble, which I tried out last night and left with my hand quilting.

And a bag of sweets.  I can't imagine what has happened to them!

Thank you, dear Jo, from the bottom of my heart!


altar ego said...

How absolutely wonderful of Jo to fill the breach when your swap partner didn't come through. Sort of doubles the value to you of the contents. Yay for Jo!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Awww... never underestimate the pure and generous souls that surround us! I just love a happy ending.

Pat said...

Quilting sisters are the best. Their family spans the globe and and their hearts are as big as the sky.

Jo in TAS said...

I'm so pleased it arrived and that you like the gifts. I enjoyed maying them, sewing gives me great pleasure and giving does too. Enjoy them!

Anonymous said...

that's awesome. glad to hear that it wasn't a total disappointment.

Jeanne said...

What a wonderful surprise! Your gifts are great and Jo is the best.

Bec Clarke said...

Isn't she just the most generous person, I got a little present from her myself. I am so glad that you got a nice gift in the end.