Well, you know, I'd been feeling like a COW* all day. I'd arranged to take most of the afternoon off, and Himself and I had been scheduled to drive down to the D.C. area to help our son and his wife move from the condo to their new townhouse.  Joe was assigned to be the Operations Manager and I was looking forward to helping position things (I do love to move furniture around a room!) and unpacking and loading the china closet, and so forth.

And, wouldn't you know, in the past couple of days the Crud, which wasn't totally gone yet, moved into a phase of New Nasal Congestion, a different sort of a wrinkle for me.  While I'm thankful as can be that it's not the Dreaded Bronchitis, I've not slept a lot at night because of trouble breathing due to the blockage.  And I snarf and blow a lot.  I don't want to get grossly descriptive here; just trust me when I tell you that it just hasn't been pleasant.  After another short night last night of trying to find a position where the nasal passages didn't feel completely blocked, this morning I did The Responsible Thing, and wrote to tell the kids I wasn't going to come, but was instead going to stay home, keep close to my vaporizer, and try to catch up on sleep, rest and fluids.  I tell you, I was not happy about this.  And I felt like a COW*.

I came home from work early, as planned, to find a parcel waiting for me.  A terrific surprise, a GFNO (Gift For No Occasion in family lingo) from dear Pat, who'd been cleaning her stash, came across some terrific fabric, thought of me, and sent it off with a note "From one COW to another!"  What a bovine thing to do! 

Thanks, Pat!  You've certainly brightened my day today.  This fabric and I will be heading right to the studio!

*Cranky Old Woman


Pat said…
Oh dear. Have you seen the commercial with all of the animated mucus critters taking up residence in a sinus(or am I confusing that with the commercial for the toenail fungus remedy, with evil fungoids living under a toenail)? You need to call Crud Busters and have those Crud Critters removed!

Glad the fabric tickled you as much as it tickled me. We COWS have to stick together. Feel better!
Hope you are feeling better soon. Love the fabrics!
Tanya said…
Hope you are feeling better soon! Cute little cows on that fabric... Now what are you going to makes?
*karendianne. said…
Now that's a great post even if the "material" is at your expense (so to speak). *karendianne.
Susan said…
Cute, cute, cute fabric! Can't wait to see what you make with it.
Lurline said…
You are a funny lady, Nancy - I've told my daughter I am a COW, great explanations needed! Appropriate fabric - get better soon!
Hugs - Lurline♥
altar ego said…
Bummer on the crudquel. And don't you just love those GFNOs? We call them "just because" presents in our family. And in scrapbooking circles you had what is known as a "big biscuit day!" Thank goodness for sunshine when the day appears otherwise cloudy. Well wishes to you!