Three Aprons Gifted

I didn't have the opportunity to share this picture earlier because two of these aprons were gifts that were given on Christmas Day. One was for Bonnie, who loves aprons the way I do. And one was for DDIL Amy who actually had put "an apron" on her Christmas wish list. The third one was shown earlier; it was for the pollyanna swap at work.

I had a wonderful time making these aprons. I used this pattern and it wasn't at all difficult.  It might be fun to make a matching table runner, now, wouldn't it?


I made two of these aprons for my DD and DDIL and they were a big hit. Love yours!
Barb said…
Very pretty, I like that aprons are coming back into style...I hope it is a sign of the desire to 'simplify' our lives! Have a wonderful weekend!