Home Alone, January 2010

After Joe left for D.C. last evening, I sulked and felt sorry for myself for about ten minutes and then went downstairs to the studio.  I'd retrieved two quilts from the machine quilter the day before and decided to do the machine part of the binding.  Which is what is going on in this picture.  As I began my work, I happened to notice that my little thread and scrap holder (that Jan [who hasn't blogged in months -- what's goin' on, Sistah?] gifted me with years and years ago) was empty for a change.  And, if you are anything like me, the annoying part of doing a binding is what to do with the roll of binding as it is being applied.  Mine frequently end up rolling around on the floor, gathering lint, dust, and threads. 

Inspiration struck!  I plunked that roll of binding right into that thread catcher, where it rested happily until the binding was all sewn on.  Which took approximately one load of laundry in the washer.

Now, as to these blocks here, you may (or may not) have noticed that every once in a while I post a picture of a block that I've made for a monthly birthday block exchange.  Well, it is my turn!  I participate in two of these exchange groups, and this year I'm assigned to my actual birthday month (February) for both of them.  I asked each group to make me the same thing:  Nine inch Churn Dash from Civil War repros on unbleached muslin or similar.

The blocks have started to come in and I'm liking them quite a bit. I'll probably receive a total of perhaps 25 and, while nothing is certain yet, I'm inclined to think they'll be put on point with a CW for the side triangles . . . .

I've been having my breakfast while writing this.  Don't know yet what the day will hold.  A couple of errands, for sure.  A nap and some rest, too.  And I believe that under the circumstances, a bit of self indulgence is in order.

I'll let you know.


altar ego said…
Home sick myself, today. Nasty, nasty headache (I don't think it's a migraine, but just as debilitating). Zoning out on television. Trying to keep the dogs from going crazy so I can rest, which is about the only thing good for a headache.

Eager to see what you do with your blocks!
Helen said…
Hi! Before I even read your blog entry...just looking at the picture, I said to myself..."What a cool idea to put your binding into that little thread catcher. Mine is always trailing on the floor. Guess I'll have to find a thread catcher for my sewing area. GREAT IDEA!

Nancy I frequently use my thread catcher for my binding too and it works great! It's been a nasty rainy day here so I was thrilled to spend the day in the sewing room. blessings, marlene
Juliann said…
Glad you found a way to keep yourself busy :) I love churn dash blocks - very fun.
Marit said…
Love those churn dashes!! They will make you a very pretty birthday quilt....
; )
And thank you for your kind comment. Sometimes simple is good!