To All Who Commented on The Crud

So many lovely people took the time yesterday to sympathize, to comiserate, to prescribe.  One wished she lived closer so she could bring soup.  One (my dear sister) actually is bringing soup.  The compassion alone made me start to feel better!

I was amazed at how much I slept throughout the day.  Himself turned into a wonderful nurse, providing hot tea, maintining the new vaporizer, running to the pharmacy, and picking up thin-crust pizza for dinner.  Moved to the sofa for the evening where we watched "Tom Brown's School Days" from Netflix (B-) and then crawled back into bed for approximately ten more hours.

This morning there is the cough to begin to deal seriously with.  But everything else is so much better.  And I attribute quite a bit of this to the good wishes and personal attention. 

We'd planned to leave this morning to spend the weekend up at Penn State visiting family.  But clearly that must be postponed.  I'd not be a welcome guest.

So today brings the rotary cutter and some fabric for a new baby boy!


Judi said…
Did someone say NEW BABY BOY????

Congratulations, one and all!!

Get rid of that cough, go see that new baby - enjoy!

BTW...this is the first time I have been first to post a response....and my WV is SUPED - not sure if that is for me, or you!
altar ego said…
So glad to hear that you're on the mend and feeling better. My cough is what lingered longest as well! Seeing that new baby sure is incentive to following whatever prescription works to get you better! Can't wait to hear and see more about this quilt!
I so hope you have turned the corner to feeling better. Stay warm and rested. Can't wait to see the new baby quilt!
Take care,
Pat said…
Is His Babyness here already, or are you just anticipating? Didn't think he was due to arrive for another few months.

Take care, Nance. When you sleep that much, your body is sending you a message!

How was that movie? I'm always looking for a good one.
Glad to hear that you are on the mend. Just remember not to over-do - sometimes rest truly is the best medicine! Well, that and dreaming about His Babyness :0)
floribunda said…
Hope you continue to get better, Nancy -- working around kids can be hazardous to your health, or so I hear... how about if I email you some soup?
Barb said…
Glad to hear you are starting to few a bit better ~ I just "wanta say" ~ who needs the crud anyway? There are more important things to be taken care quilt making! Get totally well soon please!
Brenda said…
Love is the best medicine! Hope the hacking doesn't last too long; do not underestimate the power of
Delsym...tastes like crap, works like magic! LOL!
Hang in there buddy, we're all rootin' for ya! =)
Gari in AL said…
I don't know about a rotery cutter and a cough all at the same time. But it is sure good to hear that you are feeling better. My DH is a wonderful nurse: my needs are to supply food and leave me alone. I don't do sick good.
Quiltgranny said…
I'm serious, Nancy - Mucinex or MucinexD is the way to go on that cough! It's the only thing that took care of mine.....And congrats on the baby boy! How exciting!
Tanya said…
Sorry I'm behind on relaying my condolences. And so glad that you are on the mend!
Anonymous said…
Sorry you got the crud. I started 3 weeks ago and felt like you but used MusinexD and it helped. I still cough and get tired but then I am older than you!!! Cut out quilt pieces for twin 1 (Olivia Clare) yesterday and twin 2 (Hannah Lynn) today after church but will leave the putting together until we get to AZ. Have meetings night and day before leaving next week. Take care from your CA cuz