Prairie Points

Some very nice person wrote to ask what prairie points are. They are adorable little pennants hanging off the edge of a quilt, for the most part, although they can be used within the quilt as well. There is a picture to the left of some particularly lovely prairie points; said picture rather unceremoniously and without permission lifted from Holly's blog. Which you may want to visit because the woman understands cute in a way far beyond what the rest of us can comprehend.

My current [secret] project is my first time trying prairie points, something I've had a hankering to do for a while now, but was just waiting for the right project.  Googling "how to apply prairie points" yields good directions.  They aren't hard to do.  And they are so darned cute!  I'm frightfully eager to show mine, but it won't be for a few weeks yet.  I'm hand-quilting the project (rather slowly) and the points are applied at the end, after the quilting is finished.  All in good time, right?


Lurline said…
I love Prairie Points, a lot of fun and really not so hard - enjoy your hand-quilting and looking forward to seeing your project finished!
Hugs - Lurline♥
Jo in TAS said…
I love prairie points too, I made a tablerunner for my advent swap partner that had them, it was almost too cute to give away.
PS I should have a parcel in the post for you this week!
*karendianne. said…
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altar ego said…
Thanks for the lesson! I'm looking forward to seeing your points, and maybe, one of these days, adding some to a quilt of my own!
Tanya said…
I've always been afraid to try prairie points. I'll check google and maybe give it a go this year!